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Lazy Summer Barbecuing

Summertime is here ladies, exams are nearly over, the finish line is in sight, and we face a long and lazy summer of socializing; filled with, good wine, great company, and even better food. 

Nothing says summer more than the faint scent of barbeque, permeating the sun-scorched air. But the same old charred burgers and sausages can often seem more appealing in theory than in reality. Here are some of my healthy recipe ideas and twists on classics to help you make your summer celebrations a cut above the rest.

Coriander and Harissa Halloumi Skewers (Serves 4)

·       2x Packs of Halloumi (sliced into 1 cm slices)

·       1x Green pepper (diced into big chunks)

·       1x Red pepper (diced into big chunks)

·       2x Red Onions (cut into 1/8ths)

·       1tsp Coriander powder

·       1tsp Harissa

·       1tsp Cumin

·       ½ cracked pepper

·       Salt to taste

·       1tsp freshly chopped rosemary

·       1tbsp Olive Oil

·       Zest and Juice of 1 lemon

·       Skewers

In a medium bowl mix the spices, seasoning, herbs, oil, and lemon juice. Mix in the pepper, onion, and Halloumi, ensuring that all are well coated. Leave to marinate for at least twenty minutes. Spear the pepper, onion, and halloumi onto skewers and, when ready, barbeque for between 5-7 minutes.

Red Pesto Lamb Chops (makes 8 lamb chops)

·       Jar of sundried tomatoes in oil (lightly drained and finely chopped)

·       Handful of pitted black olives

·       3tbsp toasted pine nuts

·       Handful of basil (finely chopped)

·       Handful of coriander (finely chopped)

·       4 sprigs of thyme (finely chopped)

·       70g grated parmesan (or similar)

·       3 x garlic cloves (crushed)

·       100ml olive oil

·       1tbsp balsamic vinegar

·       8 lamb chops

This recipe is easiest if you have a blender but it is also possible to use a pestle and mortar or to take a rustic approach and ensure everything is as finely chopped a possible. Place all of the ingredients, apart from the oil, in a blender and blitz until smooth. Gradually combine the oil with the paste to create a marinade. Rub the marinade into the chops and cover, leaving for around 2 hours in a cool place until ready to cook. Barbecue for 10-15 minutes, depending on cooking preference, and serve.

Salmon with charred greens

·       1 x whole salmon (prepared by fishmonger for cooking)

·       1 x lemon

·       1tbsp coriander powder

·       1tbp cracked black pepper

·       1 x Bag of Spinach

·       5 x diced shallots

·       Handful of cherry tomatoes

·       Asparagus spears

·       Tenderstem broccoli

·       2tbsp olive oli

·       Baking parchment

·       Foil

In a heavy based pan fry the shallots until soft, add the coriander and black pepper, then remove from heat, and mix in the spinach. Stuff the fish with the shallots, spinach, tomatoes, and slices of lemon. Rub the olive oil into the fish and season before first wrapping in baking parchment and then in foil, seal the edges. Place the fish on the barbecue and cook for around 40-50 minutes. 7 minutes prior to serving brush the asparagus and broccoli with oil, season, and grill on the barbecue, turning every couple of minutes.

(Whole salmon is a great crowd pleaser and is sold at most supermarkets. However if you prefer this recipe is equally as delicious using salmon fillets, and works well if you are feeding less people)

Fiery Sausages

·       2tbsp wholegrain mustard

·       1tsp chilli powder

·       1tsp smoked paprika

·       1tbsp honey

·       Juice of 1 lime

·       8 good quality sausages

Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly, except for the sausages, creating a marinade. Cover the sausages with the marinade and leave for around 2 hours. When ready to cook, place on the barbecue and cook for about 15 minutes, being careful to turn at regular intervals so as not to burn them.   


Photo Credits: www.pinterest.com

Sophie is a third year History and Politics student (mixing it up with a bit of French on the side) with a keen interest in planning events, fitness and creating culinary based articles. Being a member of Her Campus allows her to combine these two interests by regularly writing articles for the Health and Fitness section as well as planning the social events for the chapter.
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