Keep that chin up! Some of the best good news stories from this week

The best good news stories of the week

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The National Trust is planning on planting Blossom Trees in cities

The National Trust announced this week that it is planning on planting dozens of blossom trees across the UK, including cherry, plum, and hazel, in order to improve access to nature in cities including London, Newcastle, and Nottingham. This idea came from a desire to brighten up the "grey deserts" nearly half a million people live in in the UK, with little to no trees or green spaces around. Numerous studies indiciate that access to nature is vital for people's physical and mental health, and now more than ever, this little burst of colour is a much needed gesture. Read the full story here

fall leaves on the ground Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Brighton landlady turns her bike into a pub-on-wheels to serve beers and cheers to locals during lockdown

Brighton landlady Jennifer Left turned her bike into a replica of her local pub 'Hand in Hand'. The miniture pub is an exact replica of the real pub, and whilst that may have to remain closed for the time being, the smaller version is free to bring beer and cheer to anyone who asks. Read the full story here

The UK food and drink sector met its emission targets early

A report by the UK Food and Drink Federation (FDF) found that its members had collectively slashed emissions by 55% (compared to 1990 levels), four years before the target date of 2025. With agriculture accounting for around 10% of the UK's carbon footprint, this is great news for the country's efforts towards reaching net-zero. Read more here

Anna Shvets via Pexels