How to Get What You Want For Valentine’s Day

We all know that Valentine’s Day is about love. If you’ve got a SO then it’s the perfect chance to get all dressed up, make people vomit with your PDA and post Instas with the caption #luckygirl.

On top of all of this soppiness, you usually get a little something as a present. It’s not normally big (we are all students, so a budget is essential) but it’s something thoughtful and sweet.

But for many of us, not knowing what we are going to get is a source of serious stress. What if it’s like a repeat of Christmas, where you had to pretend you loved those neon orange tights your grandma knitted for you? What if you buy bae some lush Calvin Klein boxers and he gets you a packet of condoms? That would just be awkward.

Now obviously, you don’t give to receive. But here are a few ways to make sure your partner gets you something you’d like (just to avoid any awkwardness for them, of course):

1. The Oh-So-Subtle Hint

Sometimes they just need a few subliminal messages. If you keep ‘accidentally’ dropping flower emojis into your text then, hopefully, he’ll get the message. On the other hand, boys are not as Nancy Drew-esque as you’d hope. Which is why you sometime have to resort to more drastic measures…

2. The Not-So-Subtle Hint

Sometimes you have to lead bae to the present idea. When you’re next watching a soppy rom-com, make it pretty obvious that similar gestures would make you swoon. So at the end of Pretty Woman, say something along the lines of ‘Oh, I would just love it if a guy would bring me some white roses.’ He’ll get the hint.

3. Telling A Mutual Friend

This is just genius, because nobody can accuse you of being high maintenance. You just have to have some words with your mutual friend who is a bit of a gossip, and before the day is over your SO will have a list of potential present ideas. Who ever said gossip was a bad thing?

4. Asking Outright

If this sneakiness isn’t for you, then just do the adult thing. Tell bae what you want. Not in a spoilt Cher-from-Clueless princess way. Just have an open discussion and say you’d quite like [insert small present idea] for Valentine’s Day. Then ask what he wants, so he knows it’s a transactional thing.

Even though receiving presents is a little perk for Valentine’s Day, it’s actually way more fun give presents (if you don’t believe us, cast your mind back to that very memorable John Lewis advert). Plus, really, presents are just a tiny 5-minute segment of Valentine’s Day. It’s way more important how you spend your time as a couple.

Having said that, a heart-shaped box of chocolates would be a definite highlight.