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HCX Travel: Resort of the Week…Out Of Africa, Out Of This World!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

High in the hills overlooking the Masai Mara, in Kenya, is this week’s luxury resort of the week, Cottar’s 1920s safari camp. Cottar’s is a 6000-acre private game reserve, crowned the ‘best tented camp in the world’ by Tatler, bordering three of Africa’s greatest national parks; the Masai Mara, the Serengeti and Loliondo.

This is no ‘normal’ safari camp. Cottar’s transports you back in time, to the 1920s, the ‘golden age of safari,’ where elegance and adventure were combined, with its white canvas tents, open fires and antique furnishings, set against the rustic African backdrop.

A day at Cottar’s…

After arriving to the reserve by private plane to their airstrip, you are met by your personal guide and taken by classical car to the camp.

You then settle in to your luxury tent before heading out into the African bush on your quest to see the ‘big 5.’On returning from your drive, a ‘safari shower’ or bath awaits you (an outdoor experience in and amongst the nature), or a dip in the pool, where you can relax with a glass of champagne and watch the sun set over the Masai Mara.

After freshening up, you sit down to a candle-lit supper under the stars, before enjoying traditional Masai entertainment or retiring to your canopied bed for a deep sleep before you rise for your early game drive in the morning.

Like the sound of that? Here is some more information…

– The area is home to the largest concentration of animals on earth (2.5 million!), and Cottar’s guides are of the best in Africa, so if you’re looking for ‘Mufasa’ or ‘Pumba’ this is the place to find them.

– In keeping with its 1920s style, there is little contact with the outside world. To update your Facebook or check your twitter, you would have to walk 1km out of camp (dodging the lions and buffalo) before you come across a signal. Total peace and quiet!

– Ready to go? There are 2 flights a day from London Heathrow to Nairobi, where you hop on to your private plane to Cottar’s. Rates start at £600pp per night, all-inclusive.

So, if you fancy travelling back in time and immersing yourself in 1920’s elegance and adventure, Cottar’s 1920s camp is HerCampus’s recommendation.

Have a look here; http://www.cottars.com/cottars-1920s-camp

Photocredits: www.jirehtours.comwww.cottars.com

Lucy studies BA Geography with some Politics and Business on the side. She joined HCX this year to write for the Travel section.