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HCX Travel: Hidden Gems in Party Destinations

We have all been on a girls' party holiday or know friends who have. For those of you feeling that you've outgrown those trashy boozy nights and fancy something a bit more upmarket on the well-known resorts... look no further than the guide HCX have provided on the travel gems we think you should visit!

Zante to soak up the rays…

Look no further than Zante for beautiful beaches where you can relax and soak up the rays. Forget the bustling tourist life in Laganas and the over-populated beaches, and enjoy Xygia Beach, a hidden gem away from the crowds. The clear waters, white pebbles and peaceful setting surrounding this very small picturesque beach are a holidaymaker’s paradise. Known as the 'Sulphur Beach' for the sulphur found in the waters, this beach is like no other. The characteristic smell of sulphur and the therapeutic waters that are said to have remedial qualities provide an experience that is truly worth having! You and your friends can experience the advantages of a spa in a beach setting - what more could you want? The nearby traditional Greek taverns offer an array of authentic, delicious, and fresh food providing you with a real taste of Greece unlike that of the food found in hectic tourist areas. Forget ‘Zante’ and meet Zakynthos, the real Greek gem.

Ibiza to eat…

When we think of Ibiza, party holiday springs to mind: famous DJs, singers and the best clubs in the world. But we at HCX have food on our mind! The Bambuddha Grove is a dining experience like no other. The exquisite décor and delicious food will leave your taste buds wanting more! When you enter the Grove you find yourself under a bamboo canopy, surrounded by stone statues and Asian and Buddhist influenced décor, buzzing with delectable ambience and a cool crowd. It is not simply just a restaurant, but a visual masterpiece. The cuisine is MediterrAsian a perfect blend of two mouthwatering cuisines creating a unique flavor. From steak to sushi, and duck to octopus the range of variety is second to none. Not forgetting the range of innovative cocktails that you can enjoy at the many bars. This is truly for those wanting to experience something different and worthwhile!

Majorca to stay…

Forget boozy Brits, half naked partygoers and tacky clubs that spring to mind when we think of Majorca/Magaluf, and imagine a serene, classy and upmarket holiday destination in the resort of Cala d’Or. Now picture a stunning villa, with beautiful décor and picturesque surroundings. The Villa La Chinampa is a spectacular waterfront luxury villa perfect for a group of friends travelling together. The villa’s Ibiza style whitewash walls and alcove ceilings provide a contemporary finish and luxury style. Perfect for a few cocktails in the evening there is a courtyard around a central terrace area surrounding a swimming pool – luxury at your doorstep! It provides the perfect spot to gather with your friends and have a swim, lounge in the sun and soak up the rays! Not forgetting the direct access to the stunning beaches of Cala Serena right from the villa grounds! With upmarket boutiques, shops, restaurants and bars situated in the chic marina only an easy walk away. This is the perfect holiday destination to experience all the attractions of Majorca, whilst still being in your own Mediterranean haven.

Forget the tacky holidays that are now so outdated and outgrown and experience these travel delights! 

Photo Credits: Pinterest; bambuddha.com/

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