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HCX Top 5 Essential Freshers Online Services

Adjusting to life at University in a new city can be an overwhelming experience. We all know that living with new people, making new friends and studying in a completely different place can be very stressful. To counter this stress, Her Campus Exeter have 5 must-have online services that will ease you in to life at Exeter:

1 Kitestring – Let Kitestring keep you safe when you find yourself walking home alone. Kitestring is a personal safety text service, checking in on you for the duration of your journey alone, and alerting your friends and family if you do not respond – especially useful when walking back from nights out.


2. Deliveroo – This is a newly established delivery service which delivers restaurant quality food straight to your door. With places such as Hubbox and Harry’s using this service, this is a perfect convenience to cure a hangover without leaving the comfort of your own home.



3. Apple Central – As you have probably witnessed, Exeter’s weather is very temperamental. You will find yourself using taxis in an attempt to avoid the downpours, whether you are venturing to the train station or to clubs. This app, available to download straight to your phone, allows you book your taxi quickly and easily and you can even track its journey to you.


4. ATM Locator – The location of your nearest cash machine is essential when living in a new city. This app finds and directs you to your nearest ATM in a fuss free manner when you are in a rush and needing cash.


5. Post Box Finder – Everyone needs to know the location and collection times for their nearest post box. The most personal way to contact your nearest and dearest if you are ever feeling home sick, or essential if you are needing to send an urgent letter.


Hopefully these services will allow you to get your bearings in your new city and make the transition to living in Exeter as easy as possible, no matter what year of study you are in.


Good luck!

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Deputy Editor for Culture at Her Campus Exeter. I am a final year student studying Classics and German at the University of Exeter.
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