HCX Netball Match Report

Here at Her Campus Exeter our weekly netball matches have become quite the event and so we thought what better way to include even the not-so-sporty amongst you in our Sunday evening fun and write a little match report for you! To make this extra special we have a guest Sports Writer - Sam Higgs, one of our most enthusiastic players, to give a commentary for last night's game! 

I shall now hand over to Sam...

On a particularly cold evening at Exeter’s sport park the stalwarts of Her Campus’ netball team returned for another match. With many starting in jumper’s there was an air of excitement as the team went to face off against the avid opponent that was the Harvey Specter team.

The first quarter was relatively even with swift attacking movements from both sides, a clear winner was not yet in sight. The second quarter saw passing similar to that of a pride of Lions, each player ready to pounce. The tension was exhilarating, although the opponents began to get ahead with impressive shooting. With extra players substituting the Her Campus team there was strong cheerleading throughout. Boosted morale is essential, some might say more important than the shooters. With a particularly athletic opposition the team was not without out it’s wit. The recognised Her Campus chant still ringing throughout the playing hall. In a peak of the dramatic, the third quarter saw the opposition centre roll their ankle. Whilst a sad event, everyone knows the risks in the dangerous sport that is netball. Some might say it was bound to happen to one of us eventually. RIP (recover in peace). 

After an ice bag had been given it was off to the fourth and final quarter. Whilst a close game it was becoming clear the opposition were ahead, but everyone’s a winner really. With a few well made shots the game was ended on a high. The game ended well but was missing snacks. 13-8 to Harvey Specter and a morale win for Her Campus. Well done to the day 1s, without you the team wouldn’t be the force it is today. The man of the match would not like to disclose their identity at this time.


Can't wait for another exciting match next week, hopefully we'll be back on our winning streak!!