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Stuck for what to get your boyfriend this Christmas? Sleepless nights over whether socks with fluffy snowmen on are really THAT BAD a present? You’re not alone girls, this is the season in which girlfriends all over the world collectively panic as their boyfriends mumble something non-committal when asked what they would like for Christmas, telling us to ‘surprise them’. We at HCX know how notoriously hard to buy for boys are and have come up with a list of presents that both your boyfriend and your bank account will love!

Breaking Bad Box Set (Final Series £14.99/Complete Series £49.97)

Possibly one of the most addictive TV series made in recent years, Breaking Bad seems to be loved by everyone who watches it, from your 12-year old cousin (who definitely shouldn’t be up that late tut tut!) to your great-aunty Barbara. We can guarantee that if your boyfriend hasn’t watched the entire 6 series already he definitely will once he’s been given this bad boy of a box set for Christmas. Not only will he be eternally grateful to you for satisfying his Breaking Bad cravings but you’ll finally be able to watch something with him that isn’t sport!

  Racing Day (£29-£1499 racing-school.co.uk)

So your boyfriend seems to have everything he needs in life, apparently owning all the electronic and sports-related equipment his heart could ever desire. Great for him but rubbish for you. This is where the trusty tickets-for-stuff-he-likes comes in. Instead of panicking and buying him some kind of nice but miscellaneous bath stuff or even worse the dreaded novelty socks (oh the horror!) buying him tickets for a band or sports team he likes shows you’ve actually thought about his present! If you’re looking for something a bit different to surprise him with, HCX have found you a fabulous website (racing-school.co.uk) that offers supercar driving experience days ranging from £29 to £1499. Make sure he can actually drive first though girls!

Beer Cooler (£24.99 Firebox.com)

This gift is perfect for boys who love both gadgets and beer (soooo about 99.9% last time we checked). Brought to you by Firebox (a website you all need to check out!), this cool company has been supplying the UK with the weirdest but definitely the most wonderful presents since 1998, we guarantee you’ll find a myriad of bizarre items on here you’d never even heard of before but now can’t live without! This year they’ve has brought us the ‘chillsner beer cooler’, apparently as ‘the world’s first in-bottle drink-though beer chiller’ it claims that you (or your boyfriend more to the point) will never have to suffer lukewarm beer ever again. Hurrah!

Headphones (Urban Outfitters £60-100)

We’re not sure what it is about on-ear headphones that boys have such an affinity with, but what we do know is that they really really love them. So if you want to splash out this Christmas but can’t afford a watch that costs almost half a grand, then a pair of good quality headphones will almost certainly grab you a few brownie points. Urban Outfitters have a great range of Philips headphones at the moment all costing less than a hundred pounds but if you really want to spoil him then opt for beats by dre although these are sure to be slightly pricier! 

Desktop Mini Football Table (John Lewis £10)

It just wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t bring you at least one offering from the king of all things festive – John Lewis. So, if your boyfriend and his bezzie seem to be forever channelling their inner Chandler and Joey then this football table could be the perfect present (also giving you a great excuse to spend a good few hours feeling all Christmassy in good old JL).  Not only is it cheap enough that you won’t be looking at your empty bank account for weeks after in despair but it’s just SO MUCH FUN. You may have to confiscate it around deadline time (or whenever you want some romantic alone time..) but it’s an absolute winner. Just make sure no chicks or ducks get trapped in it!

Picture Credits: johnlewis.com, racingschool.com, firebox.com, urbanoutfitters.com, chicglitterati.wordpress.com

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