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HCX Campus Cutie: Rosie Smedley

Mundane March has been getting us down recently, so this week Rosie Smedley is here to cheer us up with tales of summer sun and travel tips. This second year drama cutie has some anecdotes about her past travels and describes her hopes for this summer’s adventures.

So, Smedley, what has been your favourite travel experience?

Describe your best/funniest memory?

It was definitely Tubing in Laos. It was like a pub crawl on a river with rubber rings. There were workers who threw ropes at us helping us get onto land at every bar. We were getting progressively drunk and floating down the river feeling very happy (to say the least). It was the last bar as I caught the rope thrown to me, unfortunately Beth (my travelling companion) missed the rope and I watched as she went down the stream. After a while of cracking up she had to get out of the ring and swim back- absolutely hilarious.

What was the scariest moment?

A frog fell onto Beths face whilst she was sleeping. It was scary for her- not for me, I went back to sleep with no trouble! 

Give us your top 3 tips for keen travellers:

Go travelling on your own and not through companies like STA, we ended up spending a lot less!

Say goodbye to any form of technology before you leave, its going to fall into a lake/be lost or broken within a few days anyway!

If you go to Thailand go North, its less Westernised and just so cool- the culture there is amazing. 

What have you got planned for your next trip?

I think I’m doing Camp America this year so will probably travel out there. I love the concept of just getting up and going to experience another culture, meeting new people and creating memories. Travelling is invaluable so if you can, do it. 

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