HCX Campus Cutie: Lisa Thurman

This week HCX had the opportunity to talk to the lovely Lisa Thurman, a first year Spanish and Classics student! When not found with a rum and coke in hand at top floor TP or chatting away in Spanish in the Waterstones café, she is a keen runner, cook and hockey player. And she does it all while looking fabulous all the time!

So Lisa, whereabouts are you from?

I grew up in Bath and have always lived there!

And why should everybody make a trip to Bath at some point?

Bath is just such a fun, lovely place to visit. It’s even better living there. It’s got such a rich history and some fantastic shopping. But I’d avoid the clubs if I were you!

We hear you have very cute dog at home, a miniature schnauzer?

She’s vicious, like her owner, and has bitten two people. (The dog, not me!) But she is my pride and joy, little Minnie.

Favourite song you’ve been listening to on repeat this week?

I’d have to say, “YOU’RE THE ONE” ft. Syd by KAYTRANADA. It’s so good, everyone should give it a listen!

And what might we find you doing on your days off?

I normally start the day off with a run down to the quay and a bit of work, Latin mainly- it’s really hard! My flatmates and I spend a lot of time chilling and chatting in the kitchen.

What’s the funniest story you can remember from when you were little? (We all have at least one!)

Being an only child, I was quite used to being the centre of attention. So, when my parents decided that they needed to get some work done in the living room and left me to play outside, I thought- this can’t be right! I proceeded to get my plastic red car and trike, placing them on top of myself as if they’d been involved in a crash. My parents were watching me do this the whole time, so when I burst into tears shouting “Help! Help!” They came rushing out. I was clearly a very scheming child!

What does your summer normally entail

For the past 3 years, I’ve been volunteering with the charity, Sense, which runs summer programmes for deaf, blind children. I look after the children during the day where we spend times in the various sensory rooms.

Wow, that sounds amazing. Do you think you’ll keep it up this year?

Yes, I’m certainly hoping to! I’ve introduced it to my friends so more children can come and enjoy themselves.

Finally, what are your favourite things about Exeter?

I love the campus, it’s very cool; the people are all so friendly and funny and there’s a John Lewis. What more could I ask for?


Thanks for chatting to us, Lisa - we'll see you on Top Top!