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HCX Campus Celebrity: Louisa Griffith-Jones

This week HCX had the pleasure of talking to Louisa Griffith-Jones, this year’s President of Theology Society and soon-to-be feature on a certain, popular reality Channel 4 show...

Year: 3rd

Degree: Theology

First and foremost, congrats of your new committee role! What are your plans for this year?

To make sure that everyone has a super time! That the Fresh have a fab first year and us thirdies end with a bang! We’ve got a lot of socials planned amongst our big ones for the year, from our Halloween Extravaganza to our Valentine’s Day social.

What is your most memorable social during your time in Theology Soc so far?

Most memorable? Well, our Easter Ceilidh is always insane with fab music from the folk society band and performances from our lecturers! But I particularly enjoyed the Halloween social in my first year. I went as Exeter Cathedral. #TheologySwag

I have to ask you about your imminent claim-to-fame, what inspired you to apply for First Dates?

My friends and I were obsessed with First Dates last year and used to spend most of our lectures discussing the who’s who and what’s what of each episode. I’m also known as the ESF, the eternally single friend, so they dared me to go on to see if there was any hope for my love life on TV.  Anyway, alcohol and a very late night dare led me to apply to the show.

Can you give any backstage gossip?

I’m not allowed to say much, but I can tell you that the flowers have microphones in them and Merlin, the barman, is so nice!

Sounds like a romantic atmosphere, was the ‘date’ process what you expected?

I don't really know what I expected. It was very much go with the flow, see what happens, hopefully find a husband etc. No, I jest, it was actually really fun and the crew were great and so nice – really made me feel comfortable throughout.

So finally, would you recommend it and when can we catch your episode?

Eh yeah, if you have the balls. Slash, want to meet new people! In my consistently useless way, I actually don’t know, but probably later this month/November.

Be sure to catch Louisa’s date on Channel 4 very soon ladies, definitely one to watch!


Deputy Travel Editor 2015-2016 A third year geographer with constant wanderlust.
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