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HCX Campus Celebrity: Laura-Jane Tiley ‘LJT’

Meet Laura-Jane Tiley ‘LJT’ running to be your Guild President! Her Campus Exeter caught up with Laura-Jane to find out why you should vote for LJT Love Join Talk in the guild elections next week…



Name: Laura-Jane Tiley ‘LJT’

Year: 3

Campus Celeb Status: Running for Guild President


If you could meet anyone, who would you most like to meet?

Stephen Fry - I’d take him to the theatre. He is a fantastically intelligent and witty man who I’ve always admired. I have so many questions to fire at him - we’d have a brilliant time.


Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

I went on a plane for the first time last year. It was traumatic.


What’s your favourite thing about uni life?

Variety. It’s the spice of life, as some say. There’s nothing better than a day on campus running around from one place to the other. Never again will we be in a place with so many different people, events and opportunities. It’s so important to embrace it. The Students’ Guild is so crucial in allowing us to do this.


What’s your most memorable uni experience?

It’s got to be Welcome Team… but there’s one moment in particular. Stood outside the Lemmy on the Thursday night of Freshers’ Week, a boy came up to me and asked me who I was and why I was in pink. He told me he wanted to get involved with every aspect of university life but that he didn’t know how. I knew that feeling. I was that person in first year. I am unapologetic for the outpouring of advice that followed - I like to think that he appreciated it! That excitement never really left me, and it’s definitely what has inspired me to run for Guild President.


Now that you’re a third year, what advice would you give a fresher?

Say ‘yes’! It should be the most frequent word you use in first year. Don’t worry about not having time – you’ll find it. Don’t worry about not knowing anyone – you’ll meet people. And don’t worry about looking stupid – everyone does.


What three qualities should a Guild President have?

Enthusiasm, ambition and approachability.


Why did you decide you wanted to run for Guild President?

The Students’ Guild has been a vital part of my time at Exeter. Starting a society in my first year, getting involved in Welcome Team, and supporting the Guild’s 200 societies as Societies Officer has made me realise the impact it can have. How could I pass up on the opportunity to give something back? I’ve got the skillset for the job, I’ve got the realistic ideas, and, most importantly, I’ve got the enthusiasm and passion to make them happen. But it’s not all about me, the Guild is there to improve every student’s life. I see the Guild President and all the SABBs as being there to facilitate that.


What are the main things you would want to implement as Guild President?

I have a three-fold vision for the Guild and this University:

Love. I will make student life easier – Guild events page on Facebook and improve queue times in outlets

Join. I will reward students for getting involved – Guild Loyalty Card and Society Spotlight

Talk. I will address issues that matter to Exeter students – the Teaching Day must be temporary and exam timetables must be released earlier


Election week is always a busy time on campus, are you feeling prepared?

It’s come up so fast! I don’t think anyone can ever be fully prepared (no matter how much I’ve tried to be!). I’ve got a lot of things planned, it’s going to be very hectic. But also exciting! And I’ll be surrounded by people that have been so supportive throughout this whole process. I’m very lucky to have such great friends.


Give us three words to sum up your campaign and your vision for the Guild…

That’s simple: Love, Join, Talk

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