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HCX Campus Celebrity: Jo Harris



Name: Jo Harris

Year: 3rd

Campus Celeb Status: GeogSoc President


Why did you decide to get so heavily involved in Geogsoc?

In my first year, I went to a couple of the socials and it was really fun. We went to Amsterdam in the November, had a really good time and so thought that if I got involved it would be really good for my CV and would be a chance to meet new people, make new friends. I was social sec last year which was very enjoyable and so thought that it would be good to run for President as I knew a lot about the society and didn’t think that it would be too tricky. I wanted to lead GeogSoc into the bright future.


What’s the best thing about Geogsoc?

All of its members, obviously. Probably the trips and the ball though. The ball is at the end of February (details coming soon) and we get the staff involved and they actually really like getting involved. It’s always funny to have a few drinks with your lecturers. The trips have all been really fun; they’re a mixture of all years and it’s just a chance to get to know new people.


How excited are you for the annual Geogsoc European getaway? This time to Dublin. What’s the plan?

So we leave tomorrow (Friday 30th) at 5.30 am. We’ve got two nights out planned. For one we’ve hired a party bus to drive us around Dublin, with flashing lights and everything. The second night is a pub crawl. We’re going to go to the Guinness museum, the leprechaun museum and just see what Dublin’s got to offer. See all the sights, have fun.


What advice would you give to anyone that is thinking of running for a position on a society committee?

If you’re thinking about it then go for it. Be really enthusiastic and just be open to trying anything, put yourself forward and you never know what might happen. It’s really good fun, it looks good for future employers and it’s a chance to get involved and give something back.


What’s your favourite thing about uni life?

I think probably when I did Rocksolid, that was great. Actually, no, it was quite painful! Maybe The Big Sheep. It’s this sheep farm in North Devon, it’s North Devon’s biggest attraction. It’s a theme park, like Thorpe Park but based around sheep. We went there and then to the Westward Hoe. It was really weird but excursions are great.


Ready to graduate?

Absolutely not. I wish I could stay at uni for the next 3 years – relive my experience but do it a bit better. Go crazier, get involved more and maybe work a little harder.

Madeleine is a third year English with French student, the Travel section's Deputy Editor 2014/15 and has been a member of HCX for three years. Apart from dreaming about her next travel destination, Madeleine enjoys discovering new music and trying to fit as much velvet and glitter into her outfits.
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