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Give Me a Break: The quieter nights out in Exe

Okay so we all know nights out don’t get much better than Exeter’s “finest” clubs. Be it a new acquaintance with an Arena or Mozzers toilet, a cheeky Time Piece snog with a sporty stranger or overly erratic dance moves on the Lemmy and Rococos dance floors… The unanimous Tesco Value prelash and totter into town for the big five never gets old.

Guild policy likes to remind us all that Freshers’ Week is not all about the lash (yeah right) and even the severely hardcore sometimes get a phone call from their liver begging for a break. So for those quieter nights in our little Devon city here’s a few recommendations for a great evening out….

The Old Firehouse, New North Road
It’s true! The Leaky Cauldron is genuinely based on this pub! Firehouse gives a cosy ambience selling local ales, cider and mulled wine for those chilly nights. And when you’ve finished fantasising about sharing a butter beer with Harry, don’t forget to tuck into their infamously HUGE pizzas. The prices are also very student friendly with a bottle of house wine at only £6.50!

The Victoria Inn, Union Road
Repping another great quiz on Tuesdays The Vic is a great little hangout venue if you’re just looking to take a break from halls and try out somewhere new. Equipped with large tables and a pool table, it’s suitable for large groups and has decent prices for beer and house spirits.

Mama Stones, Mary Arches Street
Mexican restaurant by day and live music by night. This funky vibed hideout owned by the mother of Joss Stone proves the best place in town to watch live acts, locals and students alike, perform.

The Monkey Suit
, Sidwell Street
Well aloha girls’ night out! No wonder HCX held our Meet & Greet cocktail night here during Freshers’ Week! Their extensive cocktail list and comfy sofas are a great shout for a gossip about Mr Floor Fourteen. But if you really can’t resist a dance, Arena is just around the corner… Perfect!

On the Waterfront, The Quay
I didn’t discover the quayside until my second term in Fresher’s year and wish someone had told me about it sooner. Picturesque settings, though stay away from the mutant swans! This bar/ restaurant hosts the only real rivals to the Firehouse pizza.

The Ram, Streatham Campus
Our very own student pub on the doorstep of the Forum. During Freshers’ Week nights are hectic with welcome socials for weird and wonderful societies and there is no better place to meet heaps of fellow students. In the Summer (or hopefully October-time!) the beer garden provides ideal for a natter and the cheesy chip baskets feed your hangover as well as your stomach and set you back on the right path.

I’m sure many a second or third year will be cursing me for revealing these secret little spots so early on in term, but Freshers is a week of discovery and these are truly the gemstones in the treasure trove. Don’t forget to take some chilled time with your new flat mates. Getting to know the real you is fairly difficult when you’re slurring and dribbling purple VK down your Minnie Mouse costume…

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