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Florals For Spring, Groundbreaking… But Why Not?!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

Miranda Priestly was right… Florals in springtime isn’t exactly pushing the envelope when it comes to revolutionary fashion, but only to a certain extent… There’s a reason why this timeless print resurfaces in heaps and bounds every year, it allows you to begin incorporating pops of color into your wardrobe after a long winter and can be quite an effective way to make an everyday outfit instantly dressier. Even throughout the decades, floral has taken on many shapes and forms. From the preppy vibrant prints of the 60’s, to the soft flowing patterns of the 70’s and onto the more abstract and geometric designs of the 80’s. Here are some starting points for how you can revamp the evergreen trend as the days start to get warmer and longer at last!

This might seem like an obvious one, but print size can make such a difference when incorporated into different silhouettes, also breathing new life into an oft- recycled trend year after year. Big and bold floral print placed on a loose shift dress channels a strong 60’s vibe and this beautiful piece from ASOS echos the flower power spirit perfectly. Taking loud prints and incorporating them into only one statement piece of an outfit also works wonderfully, like this dreamy bomber jacket from Zara with an irresistible blush pink palette. On the other end of the spectrum, minimalist and simple can also be equally as striking. Try pairing a black and white microprint skirt, found here on ASOS, with a plain cream or pastel slouchy jumper loosely tucked in, creating a more transitional ensemble when those blue skies are still ever so deceiving (you can read more about transitional fashion in Emma’s article here) and gives off a quintessentially British bookworm essence.

Although it may seem like intricate territory, mixing prints can be really effective and straightforward with the right balance. One combination that is surprisingly flattering is floral and stipe.This usually works best with the busier floral on the bottom, maybe in the form of some cigarette trousers such as this cream style found on River Island, or a 50’s style midi skirt, and the stripes kept to the top half of the outfit in a more neutral colour, like navy or beige. To me this gives off a little bit of a Cath Kidston vibe and you can even combine the two prints in the same piece like this cool and comfortable shirt dress from ASOS. Another combination using the same prints might be a long sleeved striped top with a loose floral scarf, paired with a classic trench coat to tackle those spring showers, also flaunting an effortless Parisian look.

Mixing floral with different textures can also bring about refreshed possibilities. Although romantic ruffle floral is undoubtedly not going anywhere any time soon, try combining pastel colored flowers with leather, (in the form of a jacket, skirt, choker, the possibilities abound) to channel a grunged up 90’s aesthetic or even try a metallic silver skirt for a galactic twist. For the latter option, deep purple or green floral tones stick out in my mind to flatter the bright silver.The sheer trend has caught on a storm in recent style essentials and can be transformed from day to night very easily. Try divulging from the popular plain scalloped bra combination and opt for a brightly floral printed or embroidered one like these picks from Urban Outfitters and New Look instead, paired with a neutral or complimentary pastel mesh top.

Get some spring back in your step with some of these mix and match ways to revamp classic florals in 2018. Show the world that you, just like the first buds peeping through, have made it past another gloomy first couple of months but are as nurtured and better than ever!