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Five Instagram Accounts Guaranteed to Brighten Up Your Feed

We're all spending quite a lot a time inside and online at the moment. If your Instagram feed is stressing you out, here are five accounts which may make you feel a little better about the whole global pandemic situation.


The oddity (AKA Sofi) has one of the happiest pages I’ve ever seen. If you need a bit of cheering up, even thirty seconds scrolling through her feed should do the job. Her smile is infectious!


If doom scrolling through the news everyday is getting a bit much, the Good Good Good Co has made it their mission to balance out the bad news by publishing the good in accessible, bitesize amounts. Check out their page if you need to be reminded that there is some good out in the world. 


If you’ve fallen down a TikTok rolling skating wormhole, then you need to check out Oumi Janta. She posts extremely vibey roller skating videos to disco music which makes it easy to tune out the world for just a minute. Or scroll through her reels and think about how easy she makes it look and wonder whether you should invest in a pair of your own skates …


This handy Instagram account presents useful information on political and social issues in easy to read graphic slideshows. If you want to to know more about topics such as American politics, mental health or human rights but don’t know where to start, this is the place for you! 


There is no voice as soothing as Tabitha Brown’s. Scroll through this feed and you’ll find mouthwatering vegan food and wholesome content from Tabitha and her family. Honestly, even watching one of her videos makes my day a whole lot better and I would 100% recommend checking her out right now.

[bf_image id="gzjhkp8jmsqzpg8pt7m458ps"] Doom scrolling can definitely make it feel as though this situation may never end. But hopefully these accounts will brighten up your feed just a little bit and help you feel a little more positive about the world. 

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