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Five easy homemade products that you have to try!

This weekend I saw my Auntie, and whilst complaining about the cost of skincare and my current issue with persistent dry skin (the struggle is real) she recommended a homemade solution. To my surprise, this concoction worked an absolute treat, so here are a few products you can make at home that are super cheap and effective. They are tried and tested, and in my opinion a lot better than what is available on the shelf.


1. Face scrub (honey and fine white sugar)

I have always found that face scrubs can be a bit rubbish and often they feel like they’re not doing anything, but this scrub works a dream. The sugar sloughs off any dry skin and the honey is antibacterial and perfect for combating break outs. However, if you have super sensitive skin then make sure you are using a very fine sugar as this is less abrasive. You can also add a splash of warm water if the consistency is too sticky for you.

2.Lib scrub (coconut oil, fine sugar)

This is so simple but also so effective. You can keep this concoction in a little pot and store it which is great as it avoids waste. However when using make sure you wipe it off carefully because of the super sweet taste. I find that this works best if you use a good lip balm afterwards to lock in moisture.

3. Hair mask (full fat yoghurt, honey and an egg)

This home treatment is one that Priyanka Chopra made a short video with Vogue about, which you can find here. She recommends to wash it off with a gentle shampoo or just warm water. I was kind of freaked out by using the raw egg but I was very pleasantly surprised at how shiny and healthy my hair felt afterwards. If you have a sensitive or dry scalp the natural ingredients are perfect for you as they are so gentle.

4. Body scrub (coconut oil, caster sugar, lemon juice)

You can store this one for a while like the lip scrub, but you should bear in mind that the coconut oil will solidify again, so put the container in a shallow pool of hot water to gently melt the oil again before using (this takes no time at all). I prefer using caster sugar as I find that it is a better exfoliator, however if you prefer something more gentle then swap it out for a more refined sugar. 

5. Face mask (crushed banana and honey)

This remedy is a perfect way to use up over ripe bananas. You’ll only need one, which will need to be crushed up until it is almost a paste. Bananas are great for your skin as their texture acts as a gentle exfoliator and they are rich in vitamins C and E which both promote glowing skin. I like to add honey, as well which is antibacterial, and perfect for preventing breakouts. Leave this on for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse off thoroughly. 


As with any skincare, I would suggest trying out any of these concoctions on a small patch of skin first just in case you have a reaction. This is highly unlikely due to the natural ingredients but it is always worth checking what works best for your skin. I hope these homemade products are useful and help you to save money!


I am a third year English Lit student at The University of Exeter.
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