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Fashion Prevails: Memorable Moments from the 2018 Grammy Awards

Here are the highlights from the award ceremony that reveal the influence of Me Too and the growing charge of the Times Up movement is here to stay and only getting bigger.

  • Instead of wearing black across the board, this ceremony's dress code was to wear a white rose, holding the significance of peace, serenity and hope. What's interesting to note is how each celebrity incorporated the rose into their outfit in unique ways. For example, Lana Del Rey’s chose a corsage style adornment, matching her timeless and distinctive vintage style perfectly. This time, she opted for a cosmically embellished dress accompanied with a dreamy star headpiece, which radiated an ethereal beauty. Both actress Anna Kendrick and singer Cyndi Lauper showed their support by pinning their roses to a suit jacket, donning a professional, executive flair.  Comedian Sarah Silverman made a more provocative show when she stuffed her white rose in her mouth as if to devour it. This memorable act reaffirms that women can be outrageous and undisguised in their acts of protest. You can see how a number of other celebrities interpreted the white rose dress code here.
  • One individual that opted for an alternative statement to the white rose was Lorde. She markedly avoided the red carpet, perhaps having something to do with her justified disappointment at being the only artist nominated for best album to not receive an invitation to perform (ironically being the only female amongst the nominees). Regardless, she still caught significant attention for her sartorial choice . On the back of her strikingly red tulle gown, she embroidered an extract from conceptual artist Jenny Holzer’s 1977 collection of Inflammatory Essays: The Apocalypse Will Blossom. A beautiful blend and collaboration that shows how clothing can be instantly transformed into a profound work of art, Lorde’s act of defiance certainly made an impact. View the image on her instagram here.


  • One gown that probably turned the most heads due to its overtly controversial nature was singer Joy Villa’s floor length, satin, full skirted number. Headshots were sparse and we know why. The Audrey Hepburn neckline and princess tiara were not the focal points of this ensemble. What really stirred up discussion was the hand-painted image of a baby, surrounded by a rainbow-layered womb at the bottom. If that wasn't enough of a statement, her handbag, in a similarly hand-painted fashion boasted the phrase ‘choose life’. Unsure of how far this anti-abortion declaration was relevant to the times-up predominance of the ceremony, this is certainly a debate, which has caused more divide than solidarity regarding the choice of women. View the full story as well has her previous outspoken red carpet looks here.


  • Kesha’s performance of her song, ‘Praying’, which is a hauntingly moving anthem of recovery and enduring resilience, was undoubtedly the most resounding event of the evening. The audience was left overwhelmed by the reverberating effect that echoed in the atmosphere of the entire evening, an atmosphere of hope, growth, renewal and progressive co-operation. Kesha also took an individual approach to the white rose code; instead, her jacket was embroidered with roses in a plethora of different colours. Following the performance, she was consumed in a group hug by her star-studded accompaniment.

Another momentous evening for women in the entertainment industry, fashion spoke as loud as the words uttered in the award speeches yet again.

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