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Fashion from Around the World

Like your alternative fashion? Well Her campus have sought out what we think are the five best countries for bold, beautiful fashion that are sure to give you inspiration for your next look!

Guatemalan women have some of the most elaborate and colourful fashion in the world. They wear heavily embroidered dresses called Huipiles which are decorated with patterns of animals and landscapes which are used to tell traditional stories. But these are not Primark throwaways! Most of these dresses are painstakingly created by hand and take up to four months to complete! Like designer handbags in the UK, Guatemalan women can save for years to afford the perfect Huipile and they are seen as a real status symbol. 


The Lambadi tribe live in Andhra Pradesh in central India and it’s fair to say these girls like their bling! They wear, huge amounts of solid silver jewellery including; chains, bangles, nose rings and even have heavy metal balls hanging from the end of their hair. They also love to jazz up the rest of their outfit, wearing vibrantly coloured half saris covered in mirrors and yet more silver! If you’re a slave to all things shiny then this may be the group for you!



Senegal is a small country on the very West coast of Africa. It is a mainly Muslim country and the everyday wear for women is a long gown called a ‘bubu’. But for special occasions women invest in gowns made from elaborately hand woven and dyed fabrics; a skill that is passed down from mother to daughter through the generations. These outfits for special occasions are incredibly colourful and vibrant and often go along with incredibly intricate hair styles of braids and beading work, perfect for a girl who likes to get herself noticed! 




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