Fake tan: the baes and the stay aways!

With summer fast approaching, I’m sure I’m not alone in having a crazy panic over how I am possibly able to wear my favourite denim skirt when my legs are out hear looking like some sort of ghostly Milkybar situation! While many a gal rocks the paler look, for me I’d rather add a touch of golden goddess to my aesthetic. With such desires of walking around uni like you’ve just got back from Barbados and Hawaii, and maybe a touch of Barcelona, you’re faced with the risky task of choosing and applying fake tan. So, as an increasingly experienced fake tan-user, I thought I’d give you a run down on the ones I’ve tried, and what I thought of them!!


1.Garnier Summer Body

Garnier’s moisturising lotion advocates a ‘sun-kissed look’, infused with apricot oil it does have a slight tinge of apricot yoghurts you’d eat at Primary school, but I’m not mad about it! I would say you have to leave this tinted moisturizer on overnight, it’s definitely gradual in terms of needing a minimum of 8 hours to develop. Also, when it says avoid contact with water, they mean it on a real level! Even the little splash back you get when washing your hands can create dots of white on your skin. Having said all of that, the colour is the bomb! A really natural looking tan, with even 1 layer, and lasts for a good few days. In terms of its fade, it can go a little tiger bread vibe, especially in areas like your inner elbows where you tend to sweat more. But, I’m a fan, it’s often on offer at Boots and leaves your skin feeling hella soft!!!

Recommend: YES

Appropriate Use: Post-evening shower, for everyday summer glowing!



2.Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived (with soft shimmer)

Well hello! Enter stage left n change my life! So, truthfully I’ve only tried this once, but trust me when I tell you I am a real fan! So similar to Garnier it’s a moisturizer so takes some time to develop, and although to get the full effect it’s best left overnight, I put this on around 4pm and went out at 8pm and there was definitely a little hint of glow! I also love this tinted moisturizer because it smells divine, nothing at all like other tans/tints, it smells of a really luxurious, but not too intense, body lotion! When applying I even had a patch of sun burn which was beginning to peal, and obviously it’s not going to absorb perfectly, but it did pretty well, and far better than any others I’ve used. So I would definitely recommend to anyone who has dry skin, or issues with their skin! Plus when I bought this, its was half price, down to £3.89, bargain!

Recommend: YES (triple, on steroids yes)

Appropriate Use: Post-shower, evening radiance and for that perfect sun-kissed tan!



3.St.Moriz Insta-Grad Tanning Mousse

In come the big boys, we are not in Kansas anymore kids, this is not any tinted business, this is fake tan! St. Moriz is a good price, much more affordable than St Tropez, and we all love saving dollar! While I’d say a solid 70% of the time this tan is pretty good and does develop within an hour, it has a tendency to not take to certain parts of your skin, for a reason I’m not sure of; so basically, applying this can be a bit of a gamble! Also, while it does develop quickly, it is still vulnerable to getting wet, and let me tell you, getting caught in the rai with recently applied St. Moriz, ain’t pretty! This tan is probably best after its first layer has been washed off, depending on the desired effect another layer may be necessary, as showers wash off a lot of this tan’s colour, but it is recommended to avoid a slightly murky shade. 

Recommend: Kinda (perhaps, 70% of the time)

Appropriate Use: Applied the night before an event, and adding an additional layer at the beginning of your getting ready routine.



4.Bondi Sands: The Australian Tan

Bondi, where do we start. This fake tan is good, but it’s pricey! So depending on what you’re looking for, your limits etc. this could be the one for you, but as a student, I don’t tend to go for this one unless it’s on offer. As with St Moriz, it can at first have a slight ‘dirty’ tinge to it, so I’d be careful not to overdo it, if you don’t have time to wash it off before you got out. You can definitely wear Bondi out on the evening of application, but its probably more natural looking after washing it off. Bondi I must say does last, so as long as you apply it nice and evenly you should be living your best tanned life, though this tan has much more of a darkening, rather than a glow. 

Recommend: If you can afford, yes!

Appropriate use: This is best when you’re entering proper pamper, long-term getting ready mode; the sort where your week is revolving around this event. 


So guys n gals, I hope this has been useful in giving you the 411 about the different tans I've used, and wish you all the best for a summer living your best golden goddess life!