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Caught in the beautiful sunshine outside Amory this week was Anna. 

Anna is pictured wearing a striped shirt from Urban Outfitters, blue jeans from Topshop, green Nike blazers and a tan leather bag from Monsoon.

Not confining herself to one shop, Anna has bits and pieces from all over the place although recommends Topshop for reliable, affordable finds! 

Caroline Butten is a Third Year English student at The University of Exeter. She is planning to pursue a career in Publishing after graduating next Summer, and finds being President of the Exeter chapter of Her Campus is a great way to develop her editorial, marketing and business skills. As well as writing and editing articles for Her Campus, Caroline has a lifestyle blog and enjoys posting about fashion, beauty and baking. Her favourite publications include the UK magazines Company, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Favourite books include The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and any kind of cookery book. On campus, she is a part of the Netball and Lacrosse Clubs, and also studies French language as part of her degree. After University, Caroline plans to spend some time working in Paris both to improve her French and to explore in depth the city she loves. 
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