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With many of us having lived a little too excessively over the Christmas Holidays, and post exam-parties leaving us heavy headed and slightly nauseous; HCX thought they would highlight and congratulate all those ‘DRYATHLETES’ out there who are giving up alcohol to raise money for charity.

This month marks the nation’s first sponsored alcohol-free January in aid of Cancer Research UK. The idea behind Dryathlon is that money is raised through both sponsorship, but also the ‘dryathletes’ donating all the money they would normally spend on alcohol to the cause.

While a month might not seem like a long time, the ‘Dryathlon’ website has a special function to calculate how much you save in both calories and money. So while I don’t see myself as a big drinker, I roughly worked out over the space of a month I would consume at least 30 glasses of wine and 10 shots, which totalled up to £150 but even more shockingly 4,630 calories. So that’s where the student loan is going and don’t even get me started on the weight implications…

Although a lot of people view giving up alcohol at university as terrifying (I must admit the idea of a sober Arena night does seem rather daunting) it is becoming increasingly popular amongst young people to cut down on their alcohol intake for both financial and health benefits. The new year does after all give us an opportunity for self-improvement so what could be better than raising money for charity and cutting calories as well… two birds with one stone!

For those of you out there who have been brave enough to take on this Dryathlon, HCX would like to wish you the best luck for the remainder of January, and if you didn’t have chance this year then why not give it a go next year or visit the website and make a donation?

More information is availably on the website: http://www.dryathlon.org.uk/


(Images also taken from the official website)

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