The Dos and Don'ts of Texting

When it comes to texting, us girls like to try and play it cool. In reality, though, it’s important to remember that usually guys are not going to read into it that much and there aren’t actually any hidden messages to decipher!

Do end on a question. If you’ve just started texting then it’s great to get to know each other and keep the conversation flowing. Although, at the same time, don’t send too many questions! The last thing you want is for your conversation to turn into an interrogation, chances are you might not get a reply.

Do arrange to see each other. While texting is great, nothing beats actually talking face-to-face rather than hiding behind a screen. This way you’ll get to know each other properly.

Do keep texting, even if it means breaking the ‘no double texting’ rule. While you shouldn’t go overboard and send 10 messages in a row, it’s fine for you to restart the conversation.

Don’t drag the conversation out too long. Make sure you actually meet up otherwise chances are it will all fizzle out, there’s only so long a texting conversation can last!


Don’t play games. Let’s admit it, us girls are complicated. If you like a guy it’s often the case that you’ll leave him waiting around for a while before replying. Yes, don’t text back straight away 2 seconds after every message but don’t leave it a day or two before replying each time just so you ‘don’t come across to keen’. If anything, he’ll probably lose interest.

Don’t drunk text. Chances are you’ll type something you’ll almost certainly regret in the morning!

Don’t overtext. Remember you have a life outside the world of your phone, and so does he!

Do be yourself!


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