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Destinations to fall in love with: Morocco

Morocco may not be the first place you think to visit on your travels, but this magical country has so much to offer for those seeking a more adventurous break. Only a 3 hour flight from London, it's the perfect choice for those who want seaside fun and relaxing beaches alongside gaining experience of a new and exiciting culture. Here are four HCX recommendations while in Morocco:

1) Markets of Marrakech: prepare for an overload of the senses as you discover sights, sounds, and smells unlike anywhere in Europe. Marrakech is a myriad of small winding streets, a maze of traditional vendors and food outlets you can happily while away more than a few hours in. Enjoy looking through the hundreds of tiny shops selling intricate items you’ll want to pack your entire suitcase with. Marrakech is most famous for the ‘Jemaa El Fna’ – the huge square right in the centre. The square comes alive after dusk with food stalls, street artists, and snake charmers. HCX Tip: if you have a fear of snakes, don’t take a photo of them! You’ll be sure to have an enormous cobra looped around your neck and money asked of you.

2) Sunset in the Sahara: a bucket-list destination for everyone. Choose between riding through the Sahara desert in a 4x4 jeep with a slightly nutty local Berber as your driver or plodding along the dunes on a camel, both are unforgettable experiences. When camping in the desert make sure to arrive before sunset, as not to miss the truly beautiful view. After an enormous pot of spiced lamb tagine to fill your belly, with a beer in one hand and the beat of drums around the camp-fire, you’re in for a pretty special night. HCX Tip: move away from the camp to the top of the dunes and just lie down for half an hour, gazing up at the sky. You won’t see anything else like it!

3) Surfers Paradise, Taghazout: a small fishing village that is often over-looked. This tiny sea-side village has an edgy, relaxed vibe. It’s the perfect place to hang out for a few days, especially as it has the best surf in Morocco. If surfing isn’t your thing, soak up a few rays, take a camel ride on the beach or even ask one of the local fishermen to take you out for the day.

4) Laid-back Essaouira: the centre of Morocco’s artistic scene. Colourful shops sell the best range of jewellery and clay souvenirs in Morocco, and there are a multitude of hidden cafes to discover. Try Taros Café Restaurant with its roof-top bar overlooking the main square and port. Facing west, it makes the perfect location for a Pina Colada at sunset. A trip to Essaouira’s walled Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001, is a must! Ramparts surrounding the Medina offer great views over the sea and town. One more thing you can’t miss out on while in Morocco is a full body argan oil massage in a traditional Hammam. Hammam Lalla Mira in Essaouira, offers one which will de-stress you to the point of becoming Buddha himself.


This is only a tiny insight into what Morocco has to offer – it is such a diverse country that I have well and truly fallen in love with, as I’m sure you will too!

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