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Dave Rogal


Name: David Rogal

Subject: Biology

Year: 3rd Year

Describe yourself in three words:

Obsequious, effervescent, pandemonius

Where are we most likely to find you in Exeter?

Probably my house? (as in where I live, not the cavern one…)

What’s the best thing about being part of EUBC?

Definitely the members around you. I like to think it’s a club which has managed to avoid too much of a laddish, drink-your-own-semen-for-a-laugh culture, but has a good mix of like minded people who like to train hard but also appreciate the social side of being in a big mixed club.

What do you have to offer the ladies of Exeter?

An exceptional knowledge of biology…. Woof.

What sets you apart from the other three candidates being auctioned off?

I’m the only one with an acceptable head to body size ratio. Have a closer look at the others and you’ll see it really puts you off….

What does life after EUBC and Exeter have in store for you?

Currently not sure, very tempted by the cliché ski season option, but I struggle to see the appeal of wanting to dive straight into a full time city-boi job.

If you only had £5 to spend on a first date what would you do?

Probably change it into 50 x 10p pieces and go and have fun trying to make some money on those 10p slot arcade games.

If you lived your life by a motto what would it be?

Be prepared for anything?

Any confessions you need to get off your chest?

I’ve once or twice skipped a red light on my bike.

How much do you think you’ll go for?

Can you put a price on love? Ask yourself that.


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