Could You Be A Voucher Vulture?

As students we all suffer from a lack of funds and can often be found in the reduced section of the supermarkets searching for cheap deals when doing the weekly shop.  Last week, Jordan Cox, a 16 year old boy from Essex, managed to reduce his £105.88 shopping bill to just £1.62 by way of vouchers that he had been meticulously collecting.

Extreme coupon collecting by ‘voucher vultures’, as they have become known, was a craze that initially started in the U.S. As food prices are on the increase in Britain the sensation is now happening over here too. Jordan explained that collecting coupons has become a hobby and has saved him and his mother, Debbie, so much money that they have been able to go on holiday to Italy; a trip that they otherwise would not have been able to afford. Debbie outlined their savings by revealing that they ‘had been spending around £120 a week…now we are down to just £10’. However, such success requires strict shopping tactics as Jordan explained that he refuses to buy food that is full price: ‘I will not buy anything unless it’s on sale or I’ve got a coupon’. Jordan explained that he scours newspapers, magazines and websites for coupons and has also received discount cards from manufacturers, such as McVities and Walkers, after he has written to them praising their products.

How can you be a Voucher Vulture?

·      Next time you flick through a magazine, newspaper or are avoiding revision on the Internet, keep an eye out for discounts.

·      Club cards are free to acquire and if used every time you shop can end up saving you money on your next shop.

·      Currently, Tesco are offering a discount of £12 on groceries using a discount code on their website when you shop online, valid until the 4th of June. They are not the only ones, most supermarkets offer deals on household products and food on their websites.

·      Check websites that are designed specifically to find you deals at supermarkets such as

·      Check your receipt at the till as sometimes supermarkets give you a coupon for your next shop.

·      Being a savvy shopper is not difficult, just plan your shop in advance and keep your eyes peeled to save you money.


Good Luck! 

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