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Campus Cuties: Emily Boisson de Chazournes and Lucy McGarr

Recently it has to come our attention at Her Campus that an American Society has been approved and will be hitting Exeter this coming September. This week we thought our Campus Cutie would be not just one individual but both founders of this excellent new society.

Meet Emily Boisson de Chazournes (left), a second year Business Management student from Paris and Lucy McGarr (right), a second year Sociology and Criminology with Italian student from San Francisco. We were lucky enough to find out more about this upcoming society and a bit more about the founders themselves.

Tell us, what made you want to set up this society?

Lucy: Emily and I just wanted to create a society where people feel at home – we wanted to bring a little slice of America home to Exeter.

Emily: I’m half American and so like Lucy I wanted to bring America home to Exeter.

How do you plan on publicising the society and getting members to join?

Lucy: We plan on publicising by setting up a booth at the Freshers’ Fair in September and also through different avenues of social media including Facebook.

Is it exclusively for Americans or can any nationality join?

Lucy: It is not exclusively for Americans – any nationality can join if they feel they want to but we expect that most people that will join will be American or will have some relation to America.

What main events do you have planned?

Lucy: We have one big event planned per month, I won’t name all of them so there is a little surprise but Prom will be on the list as well as Thanksgiving and a Super Bowl party.

Emily: We have a lot of fun and interesting events planned! I guess you’ll have to join the society and see…

Other than social events are you thinking about incorporating an intramural sports team or any academic events?

Emily: Yes, we have planned on setting up an intramural sports team for Soccer and Basketball! Also, we are going to try and get academics to come to the university and give talks.

What is your favourite thing about America?

Emily: My favourite thing about America is the people and their mind set. I love how nice and positive they are!

Lucy: That’s a very good question actually, I wouldn’t change my childhood or growing up for anything. I loved my childhood in San Francisco, I feel like everyone is very down to earth and I just love the sense of pride that America has. I feel like every country has its problems, America certainly does but I do feel like America is very proud to be America which I love.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about setting up a new society?

Emily: Just try and be as organised as possible and enjoy it!

Lucy: Make sure you really want to start it. Put your heart and soul into it as that is what Emily and I did and it worked out for us.

Now for some quick fire questions:

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you want to go?

Emily: I would go to Norway to see the Northern Lights! It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do.

Lucy: I have to agree with Emily, I would like to see the Northern lights but in Iceland. I have a list of places that I really want to go: Bali, Vietnam, Budapest, I want to go everywhere really.

What is your favourite night out?

Emily: I would say Wednesday or Friday TP with all of my girls and a lot of dancing!

Lucy: Wednesday night Timepiece – girls nights are always the best nights ;)

Favourite restaurant?

Emily: Favourite restaurant in Exeter would be Harry’s – if you haven’t tried their Hog and Mac it’s to die for!

Lucy: Cote – I love everything on the menu!

Favourite movie?

Emily: The Proposal, I never get tired of watching it! It’s definitely my feel good movie!

Lucy: A fish called Wanda.


Thank you very much for talking to us, we wish you the very best of luck with your new society!

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