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Campus Cutie: Sam O’Hara

Name: Sam O’Hara

Year: Third

Course: Economics

Relationship Status: Single


What’s your best chat up line?

No line. I just point at my eyes, then their eyes, then my eyes again. They know.

Describe the future Mrs. O’Hara

Who says I wouldn’t take her name? Bitches love feminism.

Why should a girl let you take her out on a date?

I’m great at kissin’.

Tell us something we’d be surprised to know about you.

I’ve spent a night in a cell after a Nutella related incident.

What’s your biggest turn-off in a girl?

Don’t like spooning.

What do you get up to apart from studying hard?

I bust shapes, mainly lunges. Also an indispensable member of EULC. Safety.

And lastly, who is your current celebrity crush and why?

Laura Robson, cause she’s not that famous so I might stand a chance. Safety.

Go get him, ladies!

Siobhan is a third year English Literature student and Sex and Relationships Co-Editor for HCX. When she isn't frantically looking up plot summaries on Spark Notes the night before a seminar, she enjoys unwinding with a bottle of wine (or two) outside Timepiece. Though she hasn't yet mastered the art of cooking, she is an avid fan of eating. She also enjoys discussing the joys and woes of the opposite sex and can't wait to do more of this as part of the Sex and Relationships team this year.
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