Campus Cutie: Kerrance Mann

This week’s campus cutie has mastered the skill of joining societies-she is a God amongst us regular society-joining students. As the president of not just one, but TWO societies next year, Kerry Mann is sure to be full of hints and tips on how we can build those CVs, feel a part of the university community, and make the most of the student lifestyle.


1.       Have you previously had committee roles for Exeter Uni societies?

This year I have loved being social secretary for Mind Your Head society- with Her Campus’ very own Olivia Horncastle. We’ve had some amazing nights out, tried many of Exeter’s cafes (our favourite is Board) and ended the term with our fabulous ball. I’ve also been Fundraising Co-ordinator for DanceSport- the Universities Ballroom, Latin and Salsa society this year too. In amongst the bakes sales I organised Exeter does Strictly Come Dancing- putting 10 AU ‘celebrities’ onto the dance floor competing for our very own glitterball trophy, and to raise money for charity!

2.       What has been your favourite part of each of those societies?

Mind Your Head raises awareness of mental health across campus- an issue close to my heart. It’s been amazing to be part of such a force for good in the University. I’ve met some really inspirational people- be that members at our socials or those who take the lead on our campaigns. Watching the Exeter beats Eating Disorders team do amazing things this year makes me really proud to be at Exeter.

It’s been amazing to go out and represent Team Exeter at several dance competitions this year. Having been injured last year I have loved being able to don the sparkly dresses and go out onto the floor. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but the adrenaline kick is fantastic. 

3.       What is your proudest contribution to those societies?

For DanceSport it would have to be the Strictly event! Managing a sub committee and making big decisions on an event that is so big for a relatively small society was at first really daunting but I’m so proud of how it turned out. I even cried at the end of the show…

Mind Your Head’s campaign for World Mental Health day involved getting signatures from students pledging to talk about mental health. I spoke to so many amazing people, who were so sincere and had amazing stories to tell. It just proves that we are surrounded by strong and amazing people and being part of that discussion is fantastic.

4.       What are the challenges that come with a committee role?

Time management!! As much as I would love to organise the most elaborate socials and watch all of the training sessions for Strictly I’ve had to juggle an internship and mere 7,000 word Doing History project in the last term. But how much I’ve got out of my society experience defiantly makes the stress worth it.

5.       What are your plans for Dance Sport and Mind Your Head next year?

I’m so proud (and still a little bit shocked) that I’m President of these two amazing societies next year! Myself and my wonderful Mind Your Head co- President Emma Heady really want to get YOU involved in campaigns next year to open up the discussion on a wide range of issues, after our successes on eating disorders and OCD this year. And for DanceSport we want to be bigger and better! Maybe it’s too optimistic to think we could get the whole university to come with us to Salsa Tuesdays at TP, but I know after one lesson with our teacher, and Salsa King, Angus you’ll be hooked.

This is an example from one of our successful campaigns that we ran during the year!

6.       What society events are you most looking forward to planning and attending next year?

Exeter does Strictly Come Dancing will be back next year! Full credit to the amazing Jenni Lane for the idea but it still feels like I’ve passed my baby on to someone else. But hopefully I’ll be able to dance in the show this time around. We’re going to be having more informal coffee mornings with Mind Your Head next year- because who doesn’t want a break and a chat with lovely like- minded people? And before all of that I’ll be hitting Exmouth with both societies next term (as if I needed an excuse...)

7.       What advice would you give to someone who wants to join a committee next year?

Go for it! Being so deeply involved in these societies has made my time at Uni so far. Believe that you can do it- because with a supportive group of friends that your committee will become, anything is possible. Find those last minute opportunities or do something different- I trained on Xpression FM this year for a laugh- but I’ve loved it and am so looking forward to having a show next term (hopefully anyway.)

8.       Why are Exeter societies the best uni societies? (Here at HCX we are totally not at all biased)

There is something special about doing something for this Uni. Exeter is such a supportive and friendly place (probably why I chose to come here in the first place) and being able to give back to that feels amazing.

9.   Do you have any final words to convince us all to be part of Mind Your Head and Dance Sport next year?

Fabulous people, fun times and passion J

With Mind Your Head you can surround yourself with amazing and inspiring people, with no pressure or commitment or you can throw yourself into campaigns and bring any ideas to us. And dance is just a great way to unwind and learn something completely different in your time at Uni- not everyone can say they can dance like they do in La La Land now can they?


Given current presidential controversies around the globe, it is clear to us that Kerry is main contender for Best President of 2017/18. Good luck everyone for the next academic year-now go forth and join those societies!