Campus Cutie: Alex Ward

Alex Ward is a second year English year student, often seen working in the sanctuary, queuing outside Costa, or being carried out of Friday night Time Piece by paramedics. Self-proclaimed 'Exe-tah' girl (loves gym gear but hates the gym), Alex has taken on the esteemed role of Editor for Sex and Relationships. We decided to catch up with her and find out more about her interests and plans for the next year... 

Why did you want to join Her Campus? 

Ever since I've heard about it from my friend on the committee I have loved the idea of a group of girls working together to produce something fun and thoughtful. I want to get more involved in Uni activities and I love writing, so this is perfect outlet! 

Why do you want to write for sex and relations? 

It is such an umbrella topic that you can really get creative with. I think it would be really interesting to delve into the more political aspects of sex and relationships, for example things concerning with consent and sex education etc. However, I'm really looking forward to doing more light-hearted articles on people's experiences with sex and relationships - there's plenty of stories out there to tell... (I have a few up my sleeve) It's also something that everybody can contribute and relate to! 

Rumour has it you're starting an 'Agony Al' collumn... what will this entail? 

This is an idea I came up with to get more people involved that might not necessarily want to write for Her Campus directly. There will be articles every so often whereby people can write in with predicaments and situationst that they need help with, and me and my team will try our best to give the best advice where possible! I think it will be a really great new feature to the Her Campus Sex and Relationships section to keep things fresh. 

Quick Fire Questions:

Club night of choice: DSP

Patronous? Otter... don't ask me why. 

Phobia: Escalators and small holes. 

Favourite food: Macaroni and cheese with bacon... I could eat this all day every day.

Drink of choice: I'd say double vodka and redbull but I ended up in hospital last time I had that... perhaps I'll stick to the rosé.