Campus Celebrities: Rhiannon Davies & Clare Bergin

This week Her Campus Exeter caught up with our newly elected society presidents, Rhiannon and Clare, to discuss their time as Her Campus Editors and their exciting plans for the society next year!

What made you decide to join Her Campus?

Our friend wrote for it last year and we really wanted to get involved! We love writing and are very interested in politics, so the current affairs section seemed perfect for us. We also loved the chilled atmosphere and the discounted booze (#legends).  

How have you found the role of Current Affairs Editors?

Despite the continuing power struggle (although Clare you are deputy), we’ve absolutely loved it. It was really tricky at first to find the balance between Her Campus’ more chatty style whilst tackling serious issues like forced marriage and human rights, but we’re so proud of our team and all we’ve achieved this year. We’re really going to miss our section but are really excited that a few of them are going to be on the committee with us next year (shout-out to Ella and Claudia).

What are your ideas and plans for the society next year?

Our main priority is making the society more sociable; we’re going to work on the structure of the meetings to enable more integration between the teams, and encourage everyone to get to know each other better – we all have things in common and we need to make friends aside from each other... We also really want to improve the magazine’s presence on campus and have plans to work with Razz as well as other charitable groups to do this. Another thing we’re really excited about is creating a hard copy of the magazine so everybody can have a token of their amazing work – we’ve done this for Current Affairs this year and can’t wait to expand it next year! We also can’t wait to work with Maddy, who has some really great ideas, and carry on the amazing work of Katie and Lucy…

Favourite Her Campus moment so far?

We absolutely the loved winter ball, especially when Rhiannon won ‘confessions’ for one of her less proud moments… (she’ll tell you after one glass of wine.)

Best place to eat in Exeter? Mill on the Exe (Point Exe survivors…)  

Most embarrassing thing you’ve done while at Uni? On the first day we met, Rhi tried to give money to people who weren’t homeless and Clare got escorted out of Time Piece for falling asleep. 

Any exciting plans for summer? Getting some necessary respite from each other.