Campus Celebrities: Katie and Lucy

This week's Campus Celebrities are our beautiful and exceedingly talented President and Vice, Katie Russell and Lucy Tillott. Friends since they shared a room in first year, Lucy  and Katie have done an absolutely amazing job this year running Her Campus whilst also balancing third year commitments. They have been the core and the glue that has held everyone together, and never fail to make sure that everybody is laughing with a cocktail in hand. Now, with University completed, we decided to catch up with the pair and see what they've loved most about this year... 

What do you love most about Her Campus? 

Katie: I love how laid-back our meetings are – I feel like I know most of the girls there, and everyone is so friendly and fun to chat to!

Lucy: Being able to have a chat every week and meeting such a talented group of women.

What are you most proud of this year as Presidents?

Katie: I think I’m most proud of our socials – I remember us organising a boozy Treasure Hunt in first term, even though we both have a terrible sense of direction…                                                      

Lucy: I loved how close everyone came on the socials, and a highlight for me was definitely the Christmas ball. Seeing everyone dressed up and having a great time was really rewarding.                            

What has been your biggest challenge?

Katie: Trying not to cave under third year stress.

Lucy: Balancing Her Campus commitments with the extra third year work and the dreaded diss…

What are you going to miss the most about Exeter?

Katie: Living in a house of 8 girls – we may be messy (most of which is my fault!) but I love them to bits.

Lucy: Definitely my friends and the freedom. Being able to slob on the sofa, on a Tuesday, watching Jeremy Kyle with my friends is a luxury I will miss.

Any final words of wisdom?

Katie: Don’t take stuff too seriously – drama always blows over and a bad essay grade won’t change your life.

Lucy: Work hard, play harder. You don’t need to have read everything for seminars, so go out if the option is there. And make the most of beautiful Exeter!!!

Quick Fire Questions:

Favourite night out in Exeter?

Katie: Cheesy’s.

Lucy: Possible a rogue answer, but I bloody love Arena Thursday (Refuse to call it Unit 1)

Most embarrassing moment/s?

Katie: Going to a cheer social dressed as a worm when everyone else looked like a peng zebra/rabbit.

Lucy: Sneaking a bottle into arena to later find out it was lime cordial

Favourite place to eat?

Katie: McDonald’s.

Lucy:  BTP or Glorious Art House

Thanks for an amazing year girls, we will miss you and good luck with everything!