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Campus Celeb: Kate Israel


This week’s Campus Celeb is one of our very own, HCX’s new Fashion and Beauty  Editor, Kate Israel! We caught up with her to ask a few questions about her life here in Exeter:


You must be incredibly excited to be Fashion and Beauty editor next year! what makes you excited about the role?

I’m just really excited about being more involved in a team that celebrates everyone’s interests and achievements. And being fashion and beauty editor will allow me to obsess over these things with everyone on the section whilst actually feeling productive! 


This is quite a broad question, but what do you love most about fashion?

I am obsessed with the sixties. So fashion is one way that I can channel my love for that era. But my favourite thing about fashion is how expressive and liberating it can be.


Favourite fashion trends this season?

I am loving the heavy jumpers and pleated skirts combo (it’s perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, and I’ll hold onto it as long as possible!). And also the layering of sheer undertops with textured vests over them. 


You volunteer at the Phoenix, what is your favourite part of the job, and what’s the most interesting event you’ve worked at? 

Apart from being able to have access to the events I volunteer at, I just love being immersed in a creative space outside the uni bubble. It feels good to be more integrated into the community. So far, the most interesting event I’ve been lucky to help out with is ‘History History History’. In short, a mixture of film and live storytelling to re-think how we understand history and truth. It was incredibly inquisitive and it made me think!


Now, a few quick-fire questions: 


Favourite place to eat and get drinks in Exeter?

My favourite place to eat is Giraffe, their spicy rice bowl is called “a bowl for the soul” for good reason!  For drinks, I usually love going to pubs because they’re so cozy and chilled out. So maybe the bowling green, I love that they have board games which you can play. But if we’re splurging on cocktails though I would have to say Turtle Bay, some of the strongest and most delicious cocktails I’ve had (Probably all the rum!)


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you want to go?

I go through so many phases, but if I had to pick one, Taormina, near Sicily, has been on my list for a long while. I’ve never been to Italy before!


Describe yourself in three words?

Inquisitive, caring and passionate

Thanks so much for talking to us, Kate – good luck for next year! 

Currently studying English Literature. I was born in New York, but I call England home. Before starting at the University of Exeter I took a gap year. I spent 5 months road tripping and blogging my way across the USA, seeing 37 states in just over 16,000 miles. Needless to say, I love to travel. I am also an avid bookworm, a writer, a yogi, and a (lazy) hiker, among other things. I have a soft spot for bees, sci-fi, and red velvet cupcakes.
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