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AU Presidential Candidates 2014

With people on campus throwing flyers at you left, right and center this week, HCX has put together a guide to help you to decide who to vote for AU President.

Emily Robinson – “Is it a bird, is it a plane? NO! IT'S ROBBO!   #TEAMROBBO”

The first AU candidate looking for your vote is Emily Robinson. As a sufferer of bleeding green, Emily promises more varsities, funding, publicity… and also to tattoo herself to prove her dedication if she wins.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I'm a 3rd year sport scientist, proud lukie and sport fanatic! I'll also be the one sporting the ridiculous super woman outfit for the week in the cold! I have been part of 3 clubs (women's rugby hockey and cricket) and a committee member for 2 of the clubs over my university career – safe to say I am passionate about the green army! I am also part of the AU exec committee as the St Luke's representative. Being part of big and small clubs and being a cricket scholar at the university has given me great insight into how a variety of clubs are run and how University sport works from intramural to the beginner to the elite athlete! Some of my aims are to be a more active AU president to get involved in helping clubs get the funding and publicity they deserve! I would always love to see a good varsity event, especially with new ones coming in like lacrosse and the success of boxing. Every club should be able to promote, some with ideas such as team of the week I want to give clubs the opportunity to do so. I also want to improve communication between clubs and make the system of bookings at the sports park smoother and more efficient to the AU clubs. I don't want to make any big claims I just want to help clubs as much as possible and lead to the ultimate goal of 4th in BUCS!

View Emily’s campaign video to find out more:


Indigo Hull – “Go Indi Go”

The second candidate is EUNC’s Indigo Hull. If her well-earned BNOC status (as nominated by The Tab) doesn’t persuade you, her promise for more varsities, more intramural and, more importantly, more Timepiece is likely to.

Here is what she has to say:

“I've been social sec of EUNC, one of the biggest clubs in the AU, for the last two years. This year, I've been part of the AU executive committee as participation so that's given me a good insight as to how the AU works and what can be improved upon. Over the summer I also completed a four month internship with one of the biggest national governing bodies in the country, England hockey, and with that I did a lot of media, marketing, communications and events teaching me fundamental skills for an AU president! For my campaign, I'm really looking to increase communication between the AU and the student body by a) going to see clubs at their training sessions b) sending out a weekly newsletter focused on what's going on and who's been doing what! Also, in terms of BUCS success we always do well at team events but suffer a little in individual sports so I would really like to nurture these teams and help increase participation in the hopes of increasing BUCS points too!”

View Indigo’s campaign video to find out more:


Andy Higham – “High 5 For Higham”

Next we have the only male candidate, the charming Mr Higham. Through policies that are both strategic and realistic Andy is hoping to secure your vote.

Here’s what he has to say:

“If I am elected to be AU President I’d be determined to improve the sporting experience for everyone at Exeter. My policies are all achievable, realistic and can be implemented in the short term whilst also being effective in the long term. Just some of my ideas include: an improved website for the AU, support for clubs applying for grants such as the Alumni Grant, more student coaches to improve the integration between BUCS and Non-BUCS, a variation on intramural- more weekend events for charity to create a buzz around our sports park. The work I have done for the tennis club in creating a new website, boosting participation in weekend session by over 70% and creating an internal tennis league that reached over 100 students in 1 term, shows that I have the qualities to apply my ideas to the AU office and be your next AU President!”

View Andy’s video campaign to find out more:


Ali Borland – “Rally 4 Ali”

Last but certainly not least is Ali Borland. Precise in her goals and already an asset to the AU, join Ali’s A-Team to have your voice heard.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I think I’d be perfect as your next AU President because of my huge commitment to and involvement in sport across the university. I am currently club captain of volleyball and the University League representative for netball. In my time here at Exeter I have been involved in all levels of sport, from intramural to BUCS. My unique positions in two completely different sized sports clubs have given me a widened scope of how the AU operates and a great rapport with the AU team. Each club is important to me and it is key that students know I value their opinions, will always listen to their ideas and fully represent their views, as I am not shy about posing questions which others may find difficult to ask. I am campaigning to make sure that each club has a voice to be heard and listened to; so that students can get involved by watching a match, attending varsities or even actively participating. I want to make sure that students know about matches going on throughout the course of each term and also set up a ‘match of the week’, which will help to raise the profile of smaller clubs, as well as increasing interest and engagement of all students in university sport; this match of the week information will be available to all Exeter students.”

To find out more here is Ali’s campaign video:

Her Campus are excited to see how the week’s elections pan out and want to know who has won your vote for AU President. To cast your vote follow the link below:


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