Anthropologie Launches New Bag Collection with Eco-Ethical Partner

The European side of American clothing and house ware brand has partnered with Rags2Riches , an ethical Manila based company, to produce a capsule line of 3 gorgeous handbags, which are now available online.


This is the first major collaboration for Rags2Ritches, who have been producing their own collections for the past 5 years. RIIR states that its philosophy is “creating a stylish social statement”,   and it does this by creating eco-ethical fashion and home wares using scrap cloth and organic materials (so-called “forgotten fabrics”), as well as by working with predominantly female artisans living in the poor areas of the Philippines. Their website states that “Rags2Riches Inc. was created to provide these artisans with fair access to the market and the formal economy, as well as with additional skills-based, financial and health training so that they can maximize their career potential and take steps towards long-term financial and personal well-being.” 

There are almost 300 women working for the company now, most of who are mothers, and they each receive 40% of the retail price of each item that they make: an incredible achievement for a company as new as this one. Even more impressively, they have trained over 900 women since 2007.  For these women this is a huge step forward from the situation they were in a few years ago: using various middle-men to sell their products and only leaving them with 20 cents profit per day.


This exciting collaboration with Anthropologie EU came about as Anthropologie loved the fact that RIIR uses woman from all over the country  (there are 7,107 islands!) and their different indigenous skills to bring together gorgeous products with a bonus: they are ethically produced and well made. Customers are becoming more and more interested in where their clothes and accessories come from and how they are made, and so products such as these handbags are likely to be very popular.

The bags in this line are made in really bright colors and are perfect for summer! Pair them with a plain dress – try cream or white – and simple shoes and the bag will do all the talking. Whether you want a really simple clutch that is understated and will go with almost anything, or you would prefer a statement piece to jazz up your wardrobe, you’re likely to fall in love with one of these bags. There might only be 3 of them, but they have been very carefully designed to cover every style and occasion. There’s a box clutch (which we love!), a tote and a pouch clutch in pale pink, bright blue and orange. We challenge you not to fall in love with at least one of these beauties!

Price wise, they aren’t as student friendly as they could be as prices range from £58-£98, but they could be a great addition to a birthday list or a treat for yourself. Remember what it is you’re paying for as well: 40% of your money will go directly to the women who make the bags.

What do you think of this collaboration and of the collection? Weigh in below!