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As of 2017 the world is facing maybe the most political instability it has in many university aged students’ lifetimes, and I’ve started almost every fashion article I’ve written this year with a statement of this fact. Now more than ever do our clothes signify our political affiliations and implicate us in structures bigger than ourselves. Fashion is feeling the push of the huge administrative changes of 2016, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. From Dior’s showing of their “We Should All Be Feminists” T-Shirt at their Spring 2017 show (the proceeds from the sales of which will be donated to The Clara Lionel Foundation, a charity founded by Rihanna), to street style stars repping their sustainably made, feminist gear all over Instagram, activism in fashion is becoming louder and bolder. And we here at HerCampus love it. With the occurrence of International Women’s Day at the beginning of March, we thought we’d round up a few brands that are doing amazing work in supporting great causes that definitely deserve more attention.





Birdsong are a emerging brand made for women, by women. The proprietors of this excellent e-commerce site seek out craftswomen in groups across the UK to bring high quality, elegant clothes to your doors with everyone involved being paid fairly and evenly. What you lose in dubious morals, you definitely make up in style, as Birdsong have their finger majorly on the trend pulse. Some of our favourite pieces of theirs this season include a pair of gorgeous painted jeans and a beautiful satin slip dress.



Tessa Metcalfe




Shopping sustainably doesn’t always have to be in your face. Supporting local designers and artists is a great way to foster great talent. I’m obsessed with London jewellery designer Tessa Metcalfe’s work. Inspired by birds, Tessa’s work is signature and glamorous. At an average cost of £100 per ring, a purchase from Tessa is definitely more “birthday treat” than casual spend, but even her Instagram and website are worth a look.


Sancho’s Dress




Our very own sustainable treasure trove right on our doorstep. Sancho’s Dress on Fore Street are dedicated to sourcing only the most beautiful fair-trade and ethically sourced clothes. Perfect if your style is more minimal, hitting Sancho’s will definitely yield some fun purchases. Check out their inspiration for a little inspo on how to style out Spring with their super cool items.






A lot of brands have been buying into the “feminist activist” aesthetic recently – I’ve seen slogan tee’s all over the shop and denim jackets covered in grrl power patches and pins everywhere. Now this is a trend that I majorly love too, I recently purchased a very cool “Bitch” pin for my denim jacket that made me feel badass and awesome, but I also do my best to support companies whose ethos matches the products themselves where I can. Obviously that’s not always possible, especially on a student budget, but one of my favourite Feminist merch brands to lust over is Wildfang. Again completely female owned and operated, Wildfang started with the aim of re-appropriating men’s clothes for women and they’re really awesome. Their Wild Feminist T-Shirt sold out in seconds.


All of these brands are worth checking out. You’ll feel so much better about the world, and what better way to do that than being super stylish? Have fun and happy shopping, from Her Campus xox

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