8 body positive Instagram accounts that are worth following!

8 body positive Instagram accounts that are worth following!

Social media is an integral part of many people’s lives; with smart phones enabling us to carry Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and much more in our pockets it is no wonder that it can be so addictive. However, it can also be incredibly harmful. Social media is saturated with images of people that just aren't real, and retouching photos has meant that a lot of youths place unrealistic expectations on themselves. I hear a lot of celebrities talk about ‘body positivity’ but it rarely feels genuine, especially seeing as the majority of these people fit into the box of conventionally beautiful and Western women.

A few months ago I became dead set on the idea of deleting my Instagram. I was sick of seeing pictures of girls that looked the same and ads for products to make you lose weight. Instead of deleting it, I decided to revamp my feed. I went through the people that I followed and ended up removing quite a few influencers and celebrities that I felt weren't adding anything to my account. Gradually I stumbled across different influencers that conveyed a healthier and more positive message, so now when I scroll through Instagram I see a variety of women who are all powerful in their own way! Here are a few accounts that will help you look at your own body more positively.


1. @iskra

Iskra Lawrence is an English model and Aerie ambassador. What is most amazing about Iskra’s account is that she does not retouch any of her Instagram photos and refuses to be labelled as a ‘plus-sized model’.


2. @savagexfenty

Not only is all of the underwear on this account insanely gorgeous but the models vary in height, ethnicity, clothes size and much more. The Savage x Fenty show at NYFW paid homage to womanhood in its all its glory, even featuring pregnant models.


3. @ashleygraham

If you haven't heard of Ashley Graham then I don't know where you've been. She advocates loving your body exactly the way it is and often posts very motivational workout videos. This Sports Illustrated model has also done an amazing TED talk, which is worth checking out as it focuses on how to change your relationship with your body for the better.


4. @mamacaxx     

This beauty and fashion blogger was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer at only 14. She survived the disease but at the cost of her right leg; however she refuses to let this experience define her. Her inspirational account shows that you don't need to conform to conventional beauty standards to be gorgeous.


5. @jorjasmith

So we all love her music, but Jorja Smith is worth following for another reason. She refuses to listen to any negativity from followers and recently responded to a comment on Instagram asking if she was pregnant; (“Smh my tummy isn’t flat lool”). Her attitude normalises the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes.


6. @darth_bador

Emily Bador uses her Instagram to promote body positivity as well as self-love. Like Iskra Lawrence she doesn't retouch her photos and a lot of her captions are incredibly relatable and motivational. She openly admits that she has days when she feels better about her body than others, but she doesn't feel the need to talk herself down.


7. @enamasiama

Enam Asiama is a model who is worth following for her amazing style and occasional intersectional feminist captions. Her inspirational quotes make her feed a celebration of self-love and acceptance (and we all need a bit of that).


8. @simisear

Simran Randhawa’s account is not only filled with a lot of major outfit inspo but a lot of her Instagram stories challenge current issues. She is outspoken about celebrating and embracing her Indian roots and challenging Eurocentric beauty standards.