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7 Unconventional Date Ideas

With COVID, lockdowns, and the ever uncertain and unpredictable future, experiencing an unconventional date is a great way to spend time with each other, while giving yourself a break. If restaurant dates, cinema dates, takeaways and stay-at-home are your typical dates, below is a list of unconventional dates that are a bit more outside-of-the-box!

1. Book shopping

Book shopping is a great start for an unconventional date, this could be your local Waterstones, charity shops or a shop that specialises in rare books. You could pick out books for each other, or even find your favourite book and gift it to your date, writing a personal note on the inside of the front cover.

By going book shopping as a date, it helps you to learn more about your partner and how they think of you. Moreover, it shows how well they know your interests.

2. Visit an animal shelter

Going to an animal shelter to see animals and look after them for a few hours, is completely different to a traditional kind of date. Perhaps assess the COVID situation and what the website says regarding COVID before you go, but if you can it’s worth making the effort to go and try something different. By trying this date, you’re taking time out of your day for a bit of self-care and to destress too with animal cuddles.

3. Picnic

This isn’t your ordinary kind of picnic. Oh, no. Go to a supermarket with your date and set your phone timers to five minutes. You now have five minutes to buy each other food that they will like. Race around the supermarket as you try to get things without the other person seeing and without bumping into them! Then, when you’re ready find your perfect picnic spot. Whether it’s a park or a bench with a view, reveal your picnics to each other! Whilst it’s a very simple idea, it’s a sweet one which shows you pay attention to your partner’s likes and dislikes.

4. Try new foods

Trying new foods is a great, unconventional date to try with your partner. This could be something simple like farmers’ markets. By doing this, you get to try a new experience together, creating memories and even starting a tradition. Whether it’s collecting ingredients to make a new dish or trying different food at a market, it’s a great change to your everyday routine.

5. Go for a drink in a secret location

Lots of cities have now introduced secret, underground cocktail bars and Speakeasys – and some are even behind a hidden bookcase! Picture a darkened room, low lights, quiet sounds of music and chatter, and the smell of drinks. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? You can huddle away in a booth together, away from others and have some quality time together.

6. Beach

Now this one depends on your location, but going to the beach with your partner, takes you away from your everyday routine and busy city life. Head to the beach with your essentials, and afterwards go to a restaurant. You’ll never want to leave!

7. Catch a plane

Now, hear me out on this one. You could take a day trip to either a different part of England, or even to Ireland. A plane trip from London to Dublin is 50 minutes, and flights can be really cheap if you don’t book at peak times. It’s something different, that doesn’t cost much money, even though it would seem like it. You could plan your day trip together or be spontaneous and explore the city.

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