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6 Great Study Spots in Exeter, for When You’re Bored of Studying on Campus

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Exeter University has some fantastic study spaces, whether you need a quiet area to focus, or a more sociable room to crack on with a group project. However, it’s great to have a change of scenery and try somewhere new to study. Here, I’ve compiled 6 of my favourite places to study in Exeter, which are perfect for when you’ve exhausted all of the spots on campus.

  1. The Library

Exeter Library is probably my favourite place to go if I need a seriously productive study session. It has a silent study space, as well as desks and tables dotted throughout the building, and a café for any snacks you could want! Pretty much everyone working there is also getting on with work, so there are less distractions than when you’re on campus and might bump into your friends! It’s also completely free, so perfect if you need to get on with work but don’t want to pay out for coffee elsewhere. However, the library does get busy, so it’s best to grab a spot first thing in the morning to secure a good workspace!

2. Coffee #1

This chain coffee shop has all the feels of an independent. Coffee #1 is cosy and cute, with plenty of tables, and coffees and cakes to die for – what more could you need when working through your assignments?! As we move into deadline season, be sure to check out their autumnal pumpkin spice range – the hot chocolate is delicious! 

3. Pura Vida

Located on Well Street, Pura Vida is a bright, vibrant café. With a wide selection of pancakes, waffles, brunches and lunches, you’ll be able to grab some delicious, filling food to keep you fuelled whilst you work. The selection of fantastic art and funky decor on the walls makes a nice change to the plainer designs found in the university buildings, and the whole café feels homely and inviting.

4. Waterstones Café 

Waterstones’ Café is definitely a hotspot for students. With ample tables and a general murmur of students frantically working through readings, this café creates a busy, productive atmosphere which is super motivating. They also do wonderful soups, perfect to keep you going on a cold, frosty autumn day. If you can, try to get a seat in the window; there are fantastic views over the city centre, which is great if you enjoy people-watching like me! 

5. Grow Coffee House

Grow Coffee House is perfect to meet with friends, or to get on with your studies independently. There are always people inside working, making it the ideal place to settle in with a nice drink and begin that essay you’ve been avoiding. I can also confidently say that they make the best banana bread in the world, which comes toasted with cinnamon butter – it’s a must-try for any Exeter student! They also do 10% student discount, and you can pick up a loyalty card to get a free drink after collecting stamps, which is great for a student budget. 

6. The Undergrad

Located underneath the Depot student accommodation, The Undergrad is a modern, airy café filled with students. Its lively, social atmosphere makes it the perfect place to ccome with friends, whether you all have fast-approaching deadlines or you need to work on a project together. They do delicious cinnamon buns, and just like Grow Coffee House, The Undergrad has a loyalty scheme and student discount, helping you save a bit of money too! 

I hope this list has inspired you to try out a new study space this year, and see more of what Exeter has to offer! 

Abi Manley

Exeter '25

Hi, I'm Abi! I'm a Sociology student who loves reading, music and cooking.