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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

If you’re in a house full of people during the Christmas period, it doesn’t have to mean that sex is out of the question. Christmas can be a stressful time and you should be able to partake in the fun and be stress free while all the fiasco of Christmas is going on. And of course, an orgasm is a great gift to receive and give isn’t it? If you’re feeling skeptical of how to approach the possibility of having sex with your partner during this period, below are some ideas on how to have a few Christmas quickies. These positions are all about pleasure, they’re very easy to do, they can be done in whatever space you have and can be done when you have a few moments of privacy.

Santa’s Little Helper

All you need for this festive quickie is a private space where you’re able to sit down. The male sits with his legs spread and the female sit on his lap facing away from him and not straddling him. This position is convenient for your partner because they don’t need to take off their clothes in case someone interrupts the festivities.

Snow angel

This is a great position regardless of you and your partner’s genitalia, one of you can lie down in the shape of a snow angel and the other partner can perform oral on you. Better yet, you can take turns!

Deck the halls

Standing positions are ideal for some festive quickies, especially when you have limited time and space. With this position, the female is up against the wall facing her partner, one of her legs is held up on one side of the male partner while the other leg is on the ground. This position allows for maximum penetration and more importantly can be done just about anywhere.

Reindeer games

A red nose is not required for this position, but if you’re into dressing up, then go ahead. This position is basically doggy style but for lesbian couples. One partner bends on all fours and the other partner kneels behind them and reaches around to play with their clitoris. You can use the other hand to engage in some nipple play or keep your balance.

The stocking stuffer

Flat surfaces are your best friend for festive quickies. The male partner is standing while the female is sat tilted with her legs up, bent and rested on the male partner’s chest. This is a great position for deep, maximum penetration and also doesn’t need you to remove all of your clothing

Jingle Bells

Yes, those bells. The male partner is lying down while the female sits on top of him either facing him, or away from him. If your partner is okay with it, reach under you to jingle those bells.

These ideas of a festive quickie are perfect in that they don’t require much space, minimal clothing needs to be removed and you can get ready quickly before anyone comes in to interrupt. Try not to let the name of these festive quickies put you off from the actual family-orientated Christmas festivities!