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Five Ways to Get Into The Christmas Spirit

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The Christmas season is upon us! With deadlines coming up, travel home to book, and presents to buy, it can be difficult to enjoy the joyful spirit of the holidays. To make it easier, here are five activities you can do to help get yourself into the Christmas spirit.

1. Watch a Christmas movie

There are so many of them out there, so pick whatever appeals to you. Most Christmas movies have a warm, cheesy, comforting ending. Maybe you want to watch a classic, like the animated adventure The Polar Express. Or perhaps Elf, the Will Ferrell comedy, is more up your alley. If you want something on Netflix, you could opt for Falling for Christmas, the new Lindsay Lohan rom-com. Another sure-fire favourite is Home Alone thanks to its slapstick gags. These movies are certain to get you ready to decorate the tree.

2. Bake cookies

You can bake anything you want or maybe try a hand at cooking a traditional family Christmas dish. You can find recipes online or ask your relatives to share theirs. But if cooking is not your strength, try to find the food you want in a store. You’ll be feeling like it’s Christmas in no time courtesy of all the delicious treats.

3. Make decorations

There are some easy DIY decorations you can make, such as floral centrepieces and paper ornaments. If you’re not especially crafty, buy a few decorations for your house or room. Garlands of tinsel are especially cheap and there are a lot of different colours to suit your taste. Once surrounded by sparkling baubles, you’ll think you’re at the North Pole!

4. Listen to Christmas music

Mariah Carey, Wham! and Michael Bublé are just some artists who’s music has become synonymous with the festive period. Even so, newer artists are not to be discounted. Sabrina Carpenter and the Jonas Brothers have released some great Christmas singles and Spotify has already prepared a lot of Christmas mixes. Put some music on a speaker and dance to your heart’s content – this is a great way to feel Christmassy.

5. Secret Santa

One final way to get into the Christmas spirit is to gather your friends around for a Secret Santa party. It’s really easy to do and can actually be organised on the day-of. Pick a theme, for example alcohol or beauty products, and then agree on a budget. Next, put on some Christmas music, set out some mince pies and finally invite your friends over. With people around you who are all celebrating the holiday, you might even feel ready to give carolling a go.

So there you have it! Some affordable ways to get into the Christmas spirit if you haven’t felt the excitement yet.

Here’s to a great holiday!

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