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5 ways to decorate your student home

Nobody expects student housing to be luxurious, but equally, it doesn’t have to be as miserable as the houses depicted in the media. There are plenty of affordable ways to add some colour and coziness to your new home, here are five tried and tested methods:

1. Sticky-back vinyl

This is a cheap and simple way of upcycling homeware and furniture such as old tables, storage boxes and stationary. Online marketplaces and Wilko’s are flooded with different prints such as marble, washed wood and red brick. The beauty of self-adhesive vinyl: it’s mess free and easy to apply, simply peel off and stick, ensuring to smooth out any bubbles. If you need to remove it or require a second attempt at applying, it is relatively easy to remove, but be cautious if using on paint.

2. Re-use packaging

One of the few positives of modern day manufacturing is that products often come in packaging that is too pretty and wasteful to throw away. Old perfume bottles make perfect flower vases, whether you prefer freshly picked daisies or faux carnations. Equally, jam and biscuit jars can be filled with fairy lights or tea lights to make a room feel truly cozy.

3. Paint

Whilst landlords might not appreciate painting any furniture or walls, an alternative way to brighten up a room is to paint old photo frames or word blocks. There are so many colours to choose from and often the cheap tester pots are enough to add a bit of colour and co-ordination to your room.

4. Personalised prints

There are so many options for personalised and creative prints with social media like Pinterest and Instragram full of inspiration. If you’re on a budget, you can create or download the graphics and print them yourself. Alternatively, you can order professional prints which often arrive already framed for a more sophisticated look.

If you’re regularly hosting family and friends, a quirky WI-FI or Welcome sign may be appreciated, or perhaps some inspirational quotes to get you through exam season.

5. Storage

There’s no denying that students have a lot of stuff: notes, stationary, toiletries… As a way of both organising and tidying up, invest in some pretty storage boxes to help de-clutter. The added benefit is that moving in and out will become a lot easier.

Have fun decorating!

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