5 Jobs You Can Do With A Law Degree

Most people assume that if you are doing a law degree then your heart is set on becoming a lawyer and visions of Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde spring to mind. However, a law degree is much more flexible and can lead to many different opportunities that may not seem obvious. Here at HCX we have a list of other options that your degree sets you up for if you do not see yourself being the real life Elle Woods.

1) Government and Politics

This may seem like an option that comes up for everything but actually there are lots of politicians out there who have a law degree, such as Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Gandhi also held a law degree which he obtained from University College London in 1891 but apparently was too shy to talk loudly in court. Your law degree would set you up well for a world where knowledge on the legal system is essential as well as the ability to negotiate and debate - politicians are always arguing! 

2) Banking and Finance
If after 3 years of essays and textbooks big enough to be doorstops you feel that you just cannot take anymore, the financial world has a lot of prospects for law graduates. Finance requires legal knowledge, especially in areas such as taxes, small businesses and estates. So maybe you could swap the words for the numbers?!