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Bake Off started again last/this week, and to celebrate, we’re bringing back this series with a bang! So get your soggy bottoms ready because it’s time to start whisking those stiff peaks… if you know what I mean!

Even Bake

There’s nothing worse than putting lots of effort into making a cake only to end up with an uneven bake, but this take on the 69 position should leave both of you satisfied. For this one, you will need a sofa or *very* sturdy chair! One partner will lie upside down with their back supported by the back of the sofa and their legs against the wall. The other partner will climb on top of them and kneel on their face, positioned where they want to be pleasured. In turn, they will lean forward and satisfy their partner as well.

The Hollywood Handshake

Now it’s time for a position even Paul Hollywood would approve of! 

Both partners will lie on their side, facing each other. For partners with a vulva, the other partner will start by tracing their fingers around the vulva, teasing it and getting it ready for the handshake. Slowly slide one finger in and curl it towards you like calling someone over. The trick with this one is to go slow and with purpose – it’s a marathon, not a sprint! There should be a spongy part of the canal which you want to focus on. If your partner enjoys it, you can also add extra fingers, but make sure you have enough lube.

For partners with a penis, their partner will start by feeling their legs and moving their hands towards the penis until they get a good grip. They will massage it and build up the tension until their partner is close to climaxing. Then, just before they do, they’re going to stop, start again and repeat until they are ready for them to finish. For added sensation, why not try making out at the same time for that extra closeness?

Chelsea Buns

After this position, you won’t be able to look at a Chelsea bun the same way again… Lie the receiving partner on their back with their legs spread wide. The giving partner will start by tracing their fingers around the vulva, teasing but not touching the clitoris. When the vulva owner is ready, slowly begin massaging their clitoris in a circular motion and speeding up like you were mixing cake batter. After a while, it’s time to taste the batter, so to speak! Alternate between flicking the clitoris with your tongue and sucking on it as though you’re trying to drink a really thick milkshake with a straw.

The Technical Challenge

This one is for all the Sexperts reading this and will leave you feeling like a star baker! The giver sits in the middle of the bed, and the receiver sits on their lap (facing their partner) with their legs wrapped around their waist. For extra stability, the partner on top can put their hands whilst the partner on the bottom can use their elbows!

The Showstopper

For a showstopper of a time in bed, try this position, which puts the receiver in control! Start with the giving partner lying on their back with their feet firmly on the ground (or with their legs bent on the bed). Then, have the receiving partner climb on top and lower themselves onto their partner whilst facing away. The receiving partner controls the speed, angle and level of penetration for this position. Don’t worry if they get tired because the giving partner can thrust their hips upwards to take over and lead towards a showstopping finish!