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5 Albums To Get You Ready For The Start Of Term

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As the new academic term begins, it’s great to listen to some new music to get you ready to settle back in to uni life. Here, I’ve compiled a list of relaxed, laid-back albums that are perfect to get you into the back-to-uni mindset and provide a soundtrack to your study sessions or walks to campus. 

1. Stranger in the alps by phoebe bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers’ debut album, Stranger In The Alps, is my personal favourite if you’re looking for something more mellow and melancholy to listen to this term. The lyrics themselves are vulnerable, honest, and heart-breaking, and paired with the ghost on the album cover makes the whole album feel like the epitome of sad girl autumn.

Favourite tracks: Funeral or Motion Sickness


This is a much older album than the rest on this list, which is probably why I love it so much. The Cranberries’ album gives such a homely, nostalgic feel which is perfect for a cosy autumn evening snuggled up with a hot chocolate or furiously typing away to get an essay finished. It’s actually what I listened to whilst writing this article, and made me feel ready to get back into doing productive uni work this term! 

Favourite track: Linger

3. bathing beach ep by novo amor

This is a very relaxed, calming EP. It’s only got 4 songs, but each is so peaceful and calm that I couldn’t leave it out of this list! This is definitely one of my top choices to study to, as it’s just so calming and great to keep you concentrating, but is also great to put on in the background whilst you have a nap! 

Favourite track: Carry You


One of my favourite albums to listen to at the moment is Blossoms’ fourth album, Ribbon Around the Bomb. This is a fab laid-back album, with acoustic and piano-based songs like The Writer and Ode To NYC which are great to relax to this autumn. 

Favourite track: The Sulking Poet or Ribbon Around The Bomb


I don’t think you can consider autumnal albums without thinking of Taylor Swift’s Folklore. Every song is truly a masterpiece, and the shift to more acoustic songs compared to her other albums gives folklore a mystical feel, making it perfect for relaxed listening this autumn. Wrap up warm in a cardigan (pun definitely intended!) and pop on Folklore next time you want to embrace the autumn vibes as you work towards your deadlines!

Favourite track: mirrorball or august

I hope this list has given you some inspiration for new music to listen to this autumn, whether you need motivating for the academic term or just want some more relaxing albums to listen to! Snuggle up with a cosy blanket and a hot chocolate and enjoy!

Abi Manley

Exeter '25

Hi, I'm Abi! I'm a Sociology student who loves reading, music and cooking.