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The 3 Types of Girly Getaways

Some may think that a girls holiday is pretty simple, but there’s more to it than gossip and cocktails: A girls holiday can be classified into one of three groups…


Type 1: The hangover


This is the holiday where the aim is to get drunk and stay drunk for its entire duration. Days are for snoozing in the sun with a hangover, nights are for drinking anything/everything with any alcohol content and staying out until the sun rears its head once more. 



Options include the classic booze cruise
or bar crawl, and ideal destinations include Zante, Malia, or Ibiza. Just try not to end up in a medical centre and starring in ‘Sun, Sea and A&E’!


Type 2: Sophistication


This is the holiday for girls who want to chill out on a beach or by the pool, drink wine and cocktails but not have a weeklong hangover. Planning this type of holiday can seem like a lot of effort, but if you’re willing to do your research into different destinations, it can definitely be worth it. This holiday aims to get the best of both worlds; you want somewhere that’s has a lively atmosphere in the evenings, but isn’t as wild as Holiday Type 1.



Make sure that you stay close to a beach and just don’t over-plan; let the days flow and just enjoy being in the sun. Ideal destinations include Alcúdia, Sharm El Sheikh and Kos.


Type 3: The cultural experience


For those who want to immerse themselves in culture and see all the sights, this holiday is for girls who want to go come back feeling like they deserve another holiday just to recover from all that they’ve experienced!



Whether the plan is to go to one city, or inter-railing between a few, make sure you explore away from the main streets to find the real treasures. Typical destinations include Rome, New York and Paris.


With those deadlines looming make sure that, like us, you’re allowing yourself a little bit of relaxation time to daydream about your next girls adventure!


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Culture EditorCurrently studying Biological Sciences in my third and final year at the University of Exeter. I love adventures and exploring the world around me so I'm trying to squeeze as much fun into this stressful time - you only get one life! 
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