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No matter what is going on in your love life and what your relationships status is, everyone deserves a good orgasm especially on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, single, in a new relationship or the closest thing you have to a relationship is with your favourite sex toy, this article has something for you to help you celebrate the right way!

1. cupid’s arrow

Let’s go straight in (literally) with the first position: Cupid’s arrow. Your partner, regardless of their genitalia, can enter you either with a penis or a dildo as you lie back in the plow position, placing your ankles either side of your head. Your partner will squat and consensually penetrate you – as Cupid’s arrow.

2. sex against the wall

Sex Against the Wall is particularly popular in romance fiction, and something that people fantasize a lot about. This is a great position for a quickie and one that you don’t need to undress properly for. One of you can stand and wrap your leg around your partner’s hip, which your partner can support your leg with their hand, allowing for a stable, convenient and sexy, romantic style position for you and your partner.

3. wild doggy style

This wild version of doggy-style really sets the tone for this sex position. One partner leans against the table with their bum bent upwards and hands placed on the table. The other person stands behind you and penetrates the other person. Your partner who penetrates you can easily engage in consensual acts of slapping your bum playfully or holding your hair – whatever you want! Remember that consent is vital, and it’s important that you both communicate what you want to do and what you’re comfortable with. If you have any ice cubes near you, you can incorporate it in this position, for the ultimate feeling.

4. virtual masturbation

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and are unable to physically spend valentine’s day together, virtual masturbation is a great way to participate in sex together while not physically being together. If you want to spice things up, you can put on some sexy lingerie and put some toys near you. Your partner can instruct and order you (with your consent) to do things, so you’ll be at their bidding, whether that’s making you watch them touch themselves and not letting you do the same, stripping or masturbating!

5. heart-shaped sex

Both individuals lying down can face each other and wrap their legs around each other, to form a heart shape. This position is great as it works for both lesbian and heterosexual couples. Either your male partner can penetrate you in this position, or if you both have vaginas you can use a double-headed dildo for penetration or use your lubed-up hands on each other’s genitals. If you both like eye-contact in sex and to be really close with another and feel ‘in the moment’, this is a great way to be with one another.

6. the lazy 69

Regardless as to what your relationship status is (being together, friends with benefits, situationships, one-night stands etc) this position covers all, regardless of your genitalia. One of you lies back on pillows (either under your head or hips) and place a toy (of your preference) between your legs. The other person can straddle your head, placing their genitals near your mouth. Turn your toy on and hand your partner the remote so it will pleasure you whilst you pleasure your partner orally who will be in control of the toy.

7. anal

If you’re both into anal, then one of you can get on all fours with your bum tilted slightly upwards, and your other partner can literally enter you from the rear. Regardless of your genitalia this can work: with a penis, a dildo, a lubed-up finger or a toy. The person on all fours (when they are ready) can move their body and hips back and forth onto the penis, dildo, finger or toy, so they are in complete control of how much they are comfortable with doing. Using lube for anal makes it much more pleasurable since it increases the stimulation.

8. v-shape sex

This position can be done either alone or with someone, so it doesn’t matter what your relationship status is. Lie back with your legs creating a v shape. Using two fingers in a V shape, lube them up, and play with yourself by sliding along your vulva for some intense feelings. If you’re with a partner, they can join in by penetrating you as you continue to play with yourself.

9. Dessert

If you’ve just been out for a romantic dinner and are in the mood for some sexy times, this position is perfect for you and your partner. One partner can sit on the edge of the bed while you squat/kneel on the floor with some sweet treats by you. Using whipped cream or chocolate syrup (whatever you want), drizzle these sweet treats over the head of your partner’s penis, so you can use your tongue’s mad skills by swirling your tongue around the head in a slow motion and then using wider licks down the penis shaft to catch any drips. Alternatively, if your partner has a vagina, place the sweet treats on your partner’s nipples or anywhere else on the body. But do not place any sweet treats in or on the vagina area!

10. Cupid in cuffs

This position is perfect for those that want to explore a little BDSM. One partner (regardless of their genitalia) can bend over whilst standing and letting the other partner (with consent) tie your wrists together onto something like a doorknob or a handle. The partner who isn’t tied up can command their partner to do whatever both of you are comfortable with, whether that’s to spread their legs more or beg them to touch you – do what you’re both comfortable with and make sure to look after each other during and after sex.

11. Bath

Lastly, if you have access to a bath this is the position for you! Draw a warm bath (decorate if you want to but safely with candles and a drink of your choice) and get into the bath together. Take care soaking in the hot water by using creams and oils and whatever you want. You can lean back on your partner’s chest so that they’re behind you and you’re between their legs, and let your partner give you an orgasm. You can either pleasure your partner at the same time or take turns and savour the moment together.

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