10 Ways to Style a White T-Shirt

Every Exeter student will be familiar with the famous ‘White T-shirt Social’ that takes place through-out the year. They are popular for society socials but as tradition goes, by the end of the night your pristine T-shirt will come back heavily scribbled in black marker and profanities. Also, for some of us find going out in a white T-shirt isn’t the most glamorous outfit to party in. So here are 10 ways to style it up so you can stand out from the crows of plain white tees.
Top Tip: Primark is the ultimate place to buy affordable T-shirts to use as a one-off on a student budget. They sell many different styles so you have plenty of scope to find one to fit your look.  Also depending on your style, you may want a tight or loose fitting tee so deviating slightly from your usual size will allow you more freedom when customising. 
1. Bateau Neckline: Firstly the neckline is an essential element when creating the look of your tee, so is important to consider it when purchasing or customising. A Bateau neck line stretches from shoulder to shoulder, elevating the neck, creating an elegant 1950s look. 
2. Sweet Heart: This is a pretty neckline mimicking the top half of a heart. Perfect for accentuating your cleavage and also suits those with an angular face as the soft contours of the heart balance those of your face. 
3. Peter Pan collar: This can either be achieved by adding a Peter Pan collar necklace over the Tee. Or by cutting two half tear drop shapes and either pinning or stitching them onto the neckline. This is a classic ingénue look which is particularly flattering for a petite figure.
4. One Shoulder: For a more casual look, simply tear or cut off one arm of the Tee. This style can accentuate your shoulders and neckline, drawing attention away from your chest.
5. Scalloped edges: Lace and lace effects are chic and an on trend way to improve your Tee.  Using a protractor draw a line of semi circles at the hem of the Tee back and front, then cut out along this scalloped line. This can also be done around the sleeves although smaller semi-circles may be needed.
6.  V-neck: This shape suits just about anyone, adding more focus to your neck and face while accentuating your facial structure. Simply cut a V shape in the back and front of the Tee.
7. Crop top: Simply cut off the bottom seam to create the length you want. With the spare fabric why not use it as a head band or belt to accentuate your waist
8. Trimming the hem: Mix it up by adding some funky slits to the bottom half of the Tee. Cut continuous strips to give a frayed textured look which is also great for dancing in.
9. Side slits: Cut some cheeky slits in the side of your tee to add a little bit of detail. Also try wearing a contrasting colour vest underneath just to brighten up the white.
10. Rolled up sleeves: Easiest one of all is rolling up your sleeves once or twice then sewing a little stitch at the top to keep them in place, this just adds a little detail to the Tee.
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