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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

If, like me, you’re currently stuck in a 14-day isolation period, then you’re probably looking for something to fill your time. So, to help you through, here are ten TV shows that might make you feel a little less lonely…. And, yes, this is in essence just a list of my favourite shows…

1. Gilmore Girls

Okay, so clearly Gilmore Girls had to be first up. The only word I can think of to describe it is ✨”comfy”✨. Like hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, sitting by a fire and watching Harry Potter wrapped in a blanket kind of comfy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish you were back in the early 2000s when phones had buttons and CDs were still a thing. Fun fact: it recently celebrated its 20th anniversary! 

2. Schitt’s Creek

I started watching Schitt’s Creek with my mum over lockdown and it’s now one of our favourite shows. In case you missed it, the show recently won nine (!) awards at the 2020 Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Actor, Actress and Supporting Actor and Actress in a Comedy series and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series. So, it’s well worth a viewing. The episodes are short but funny and packed with dry humour guaranteed to make you feel better about the current situation.

3. Derry Girls

I think Derry Girls should be on everyone’s viewing list. It’s funny and relatable. Sister Michael, the sarcastic nun, is probably one of my favourite characters ever! With only six episodes (on Netflix), it’s low commitment and easy watching.

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This next one might be a bit niche but that definitely shouldn’t put you off watching it. The best way to describe Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical, crossed with a sitcom, crossed with a romcom, with some weird bits in between. The show explores feminism, mental health and regularly breaks the fourth wall while throwing in some songs to parody musical theatre (don’t worry, the last bit is all explained in the end.) It’s worth watching if you’re feeling a bit lonely and stressed by uni work.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Looking to get lost in the 90s? Buffy is your gal. Getting lost in Sunnydale is the perfect way to forget about the real-life pandemic and think about vampires, monsters and curses instead. It deals with high school and college and the awkward transition stage in between. Honestly, how could you go wrong when Sarah Michelle Gellar is involved?

6. The Good Place

If you’re looking to distract yourself from the mess of 2020, then The Good Place is the show for you. Created by Michael Schur (The Office, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Recreation anyone?) The show explores the concept of the afterlife and is filled with characters that are easily loveable and definitely flawed and Eleanor Shellstrop (played by Kristen Bell) is someone I we can all identify with, at least a little bit, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

7. Criminal Minds

Making a sharp u-turn, Criminal Minds is up next. This is for all those who are guiltily fascinated by programs like Making a Murderer or The Ted Bundy Tapes or anyone who’s into true crime or police procedural dramas. (Perfect for the Halloween season.) The show follows the BAU (Behavioural Analysis Unit) at the FBI who get called in to solve cases that have stumped others. It’s intensely creepy and gripping but can also be witty and heart-warming and with 15 seasons (!!) there’s a lot to keep you going.

8. Dead to Me

Dead to Me is another one of those programs which is perfect for isolation. With Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini how could you go wrong? It’s dark but hilariously funny, and my mum loves it (what more of a glowing recommendation can you get? She’s very selective about her shows). I can’t tell you much of the plot without giving a lot away so there’s not much else to say except: watch it.

9. Grey’s Anatomy

Look up ‘binge viewing’ in the dictionary and the definition will be Grey’s Anatomy. With 16 seasons (yup, 16) there’s no shortage of episodes to get through and you’ll get sucked in almost immediately. There are dramatic season finales and tear-jerking storylines and most importantly, it also gets approval from my mum.

10. Community

Last but most definitely not least we have Community. Although this show premiered in 2009 (a whopping 11 years ago), it still holds up today. Directed by the Russo brothers (yes, those ones), the show is hilariously funny and heart-warming. It also involves multiple paint ball wars and messes with loads of genres making for interesting viewing. Plus, it has a really catchy theme song. This description definitely doesn’t do it justice.

I hope these recommendations help you through, comfort you, and entertain you! Enjoy! 

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