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10 Signs That You Need To Go Travelling

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Exeter chapter.

1. You find yourself desperate to wear all your summer clothes (especially that outfit that you just can’t get away with unless you’re on holiday!)

2. You post a stream of #throwback pictures on your Instagram that were only taken last July to make yourself feel better about life and because you look fabulous.

3. You’re dreaming of gelato/paella/sushi/anything that doesn’t come from a can.

4. Going into the library after basking in the sun on the Forum Piazza makes you want to cry.

5. You’re bored of Yellow Rock: it’s much more fun trying to pronounce French wine names.

6. You’re fed up of the constant Exeter dilemma of deciding to dress for rain or sun, it’s driving you mad

7. You’re fed up of following unspoken rules on campus, your Uni timetable and every week has somehow blurred into one – you’re desperate for the freedom to roam.

8. You’re angry that Google can’t teleport you to the foreign land you keep searching for and you become irrationally fed up with the pictures of Facebook “friends” having the time of their lives right now on some Thai beach on their gap yah.

9. You just need to get lost, the good kind of lost, not the “where are all my friends?” lost that happens every time you go out, and noone knows how or why.

10. You’re reading this and already planning your next big adventure

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Madeleine is a third year English with French student, the Travel section's Deputy Editor 2014/15 and has been a member of HCX for three years. Apart from dreaming about her next travel destination, Madeleine enjoys discovering new music and trying to fit as much velvet and glitter into her outfits.